The Spankin’ Heard Round The World #superbowl

yTSAW0YibpCbzdXPgKs8Kthis is such an embarrassing game tonight.
36-8 tho?
like that 8 JUST happened.
i can’t.
on lighter news,
the seahawks are going to get some good pussy/booty tonight!

lowkey: this has GOT to be the worst superbowl in a long while.

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8 thoughts on “The Spankin’ Heard Round The World #superbowl”

  1. I woke up this morning and thought of this scenario, and I was like “Nah, that ain’t gone happen.” I was excited for two weeks to see the best offense vs best defense, and everyone has been talking about it. I got up and finished my homework and shit early this morning lol. My roommates cooking dinner and shit early lol. Everyone was getting shit done to kickback and relax.

    You can’t tell me that none of the “Hawks” players are down that it wasn’t competitive. Success shouldn’t be easy, you want to fight and claw and shit. They prob at least wanted a 24-14 game in their favor. It’s like running a race, and you are ten miles ahead of everyone else lol. You want to smile and be excited but you can’t cause your bored. I want at least one person a half a mile back to keep me on my heels.

  2. Yes for Seattle, showing that Defenses win football games. Sorry for the great white hope and his dashed dreams for another Superbowl ring, so many said Seattle would be crushed. Go Richard Sherman, I know you are laughing while the Fox News nation is sick as hell right now that the Thug and his team won tonight.

    1. I’m so with you, Tajan, on this one. Were it not for the racist uproar directed at Richard Sherman a couple weeks ago, I wouldn’t have paid any attention — still didn’t watch the game — but couldn’t be happier that the Seahawks won, resoundingly. Plus, I think a lot of folk of the Faux News ilk wanted the Broncos to win to put those “thugs” in their place.

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