When I Finally Got The Name To Match This Body

i saw this wolf online a year or two ago and i thought he was just some dude in a store.
he is actually a baller wolf and without the f-bi tip,
i wouldn’t have known who he was…

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Tim Tebow “Tebows” On Broadway

I like Tim.
I really do.
He seems so innocent.
I love turning out the innocent ones.
Tim just got signed the New York Jets and his first stop in NY…
…is a Broadway show…

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Ginsu-Hoes (Another NFL Player Stabbed)

Ever since this lockout has taken place,
it’s like these hoes are playing Captain Stab-A-Negro.

I see that now these NFL players have no money,
they been bored and fucking up with Vixens left and right.

First Brandon Marshall and now…

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