Tim Tebow “Tebows” On Broadway

I like Tim.
I really do.
He seems so innocent.
I love turning out the innocent ones.
Tim just got signed the New York Jets and his first stop in NY…
…is a Broadway show…

those jeans.
i can’t!

Tim Tebow enjoyed his first evening on the town in New York City as a member of the NY Jets … hitting up Philippe Chow for dinner and catching a performance of “Wicked” on Broadway last night.

According to the NY Daily News, Tebow went backstage after the show to congratulate the cast. He told them it was his first Broadway show.

Tebow was traded to the Jets this week after the Denver Broncos signed legendary quarterback Peyton Manning … making Tebowmania expendable.

I may not have an issue with him…
going too Wicked
but, he isn’t helping the rumors about him either.
What straight man comes to New York and you go see… Wicked?
Look, if Tim hit me up in the city for his first tour, this is what we woulda did…

We would have went to Time Square and see the hookers on 40th.
Then, go down to the Village and see the “straight married men” cruising in their cars for head.
(Although…. those jeans….in The Village…”zoinks“.)
Lastly, he would have to go to Soho to buy a better outfit (or maybe that would have been the first stop)…

We would have had a good time Tim!
Call me!

12 thoughts on “Tim Tebow “Tebows” On Broadway

  1. The Man :
    You got that right BBB, if he’s comes out, it would really hurt his career.

    its one of the NFL’s worst keep secrets in its ranks. Will not come out. The SEC and Florida keep it uncover with the Urban Meyer Cam Newton incident and the NFL does as well.

  2. Tim is not new to the “game” …… just ask number 1 the real reason he was dismissed from Florida? and a “power fox” 🙂

  3. Sexy, he is. I would go a quarter or two with him.

    Jamari, do not be fooled by the innocent face. I know firsthand that what you see is not exactly what you get. 😉

    1. I wonder if Sanchez is happy about the new white meat on the team. Cause you know he a part of the fox hole

      1. If he is, all Tebow needs to do is spend some quality, private time ‘bonding’ with Sanchez & ‘learning the ropes’

  4. He’s busting out those clothes; I know fitted is good, but dayum…

    I’ve never heard anything about him either; and he’s so polarizing that it would’ve come out (no pun intended)

  5. Rumors? I never heard anything snow Tim. I can say that he’s really sexy. He’s a good quarterback too.

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