Guess WHO Got Their Gutz Pounded Out At This Party Last Night…


Just take a WILD guess…

Humpin’ hoes in the dark.
Hoes lickin tits.
Hoes getting liquored up.
Negroes acting like they swaggin.

Sounds like a regular night at Breezy Wolf’s crib, right?
But actually, this scene actually happened in The Bronx


That use to be me.
Back in the day, of course.
I will not act like I did not like to show my ass at house parties with my crew (back in the day, of course).
You haven’t lived until you have gone to a weed scented, red lit reggae house party.
Regular “straight” negrorati living!

Thank God I grew up and can judge this new generation of slackers.
I bet you half those hoes got fucked in someone’s bunk bed that night.
I also bet half those negroes ain’t have clean drawz on.

How fun it is to be born after 85!

peep big girl at @240.
red head yaki hoe Vixen was NOT trying to smooch.
i thought it was isis brown:

I see that look is standard.
ok ill be good.

10 thoughts on “Guess WHO Got Their Gutz Pounded Out At This Party Last Night…

  1. I must be getting older, cuz all I thought about was 1) where are their parents and 2) that’s all types of mono & herpes being passed on those bottles & kisses…

    Thank God there wasn’t youtube & stuff when I was younger; we acted up, but nothing like that

    1. No offense, but how old are you?

      You know the youngins’ act up when they are around their peers. They are all “supposedly” 18 & up, so they are legal. The drinking part is another issue.

      We had fun during our time as well, but there was no sucking of anything ON the dance floor. Kissing and grinding, yes. Groping, maybe.

  2. That looked like a wild party. I agree with BBB, backs probably got blown out after the party.

  3. Some of them vixens (and probably undercover foxes/hybrids) got their backs blown out after that party.

  4. So that is what the kids doing these days! By the way I like equal oppertunity for all, they should have the guys kissing and licking each other nipples too!

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