Top Shelf Wolf: Cody Latimer

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.12.40 PMsooooooo…
i remember seeing cody latimer on the 2014 nfl draft.
when i saw him,
i thought in my head:

“who the HAYLE was that???”

i had to write about him,
but i completely forgot.
so many baller wolves; so little time.
well now is the right time…

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.13.20 PM*opens dossier*
from: dayton, ohio
college: indiana
team: denver brocos
position: wide receiver
father was colby latimer who played for bowling green
now lets look at some kodaks

he is kinda fine
giving me how i felt about devin thomas
gif310i did notice something tho.
this is for the vixens.
you may need to watch out for this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.27.30 PMhis mama.
she looks like she don’t even play dat.
he is giving me a heavy dose of “mama’s wolf”.
so don’t think of trappin’ our dear cody with a child.
she looks like she will either make you get an abortion or eat the fetus.
simple observation.
good luck on the season cody.
feel free to contact me anytime.
“ratchet jamari” is talking.

*pictures credited to cody latimer

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Top Shelf Wolf: Cody Latimer”

  1. Oh mane, this dude is a gorgeous sight to behold. Is it hot in here or is it just me? My whole body just feels weak af right now. The pic with him and the Challenger is the best one. Maybe he could take me on a ride with him in it, then he can ride the hell out of me in the back seat. The boi can get it.

    His mother looks like she does not take no shit. And the way she got that hair slick back….you know she don’t play!!

  2. I hate posts like this on this blog because some of your “foxhole” are so vulgar about straight men. Even the writer has crossed the line on many of occasion. Riding in the back seat????? No respect about his mother???? What if he reads these comments??? He (and many other straight football players) would be very offended and would request this blog be shut down for slander.

    1. Who is disrespecting his mother? Slander?

      I suggest you open a dictionary and learn the definition of slander before you fix your fingers to type some shit like that. Instead of trying to make a stand for these straight men, you need to just sit back and be a fan this site. Obviously you are a fan because you come here often enough to know what Jamari has posted in the past, and not to mention you pay attention to the habits of his readers.

      We were simply saying that his mother looks serious and stern, I shouldn’t have to break it down like this for you to GET IT.

      Who knows if he is straight? I’m not on his instagram being vulgar or disrespectful. This is our house where we talk about whoever and whatever we want. I def. will say what I want and I’ll say it again. This is man is gorgeous and yea he can ride me in the back seat of his car. Maybe a ride in a back seat is what you need to ease some of tension that is weighing on you.

      1. LOL *standing ovation* to you Man YOU WENT IN…and everything you said was the TRUTH people in the foxhole commenting on his looks saying how fine is is no different then the countless women who lust over men and the countless men who who lust over women on the other blogs and etc and it’s not slander because no one is incriminating his character…

  3. I went to high school and college with Cody. He’s a genuinely nice and has some sense unlike a lot of these pro athletes. He’s definitely a mama’s boy (rightfully so since his dad passed) and guys aren’t too far off about the mama. She don’t play any games about her son. Any vixen that tries it will end up missing.

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