WTF Does Kim Kardashian Have On?

tumblr_ncmx0pbb421sxlr2xo1_500i’m lookin’ like north right now.
remember when kim kardashian use to dress her ass off?
she needs to remember also.

lowkey: that creature behind her is ruining her swagg.
his foolishness is all over that outfit.

its like it wants to be a swim suit and a nightie.
they decided to merge the two and see what stuck.
…and then a leather jacket over the shoulders.
i just can’t!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “WTF Does Kim Kardashian Have On?”

  1. When I see her now I’m always reminded of that one episode where Kanye made her clean out her closet (Khloe was most upset) it’s been downhill from there pretty much. Don’t know why Kanye feels he has to “upgrade” every woman he’s with and why they let him.

  2. This is an epic case of be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. She looks miserable and I’m not even talking about that tacky ass She-by-Sheree outfit she has on. She wanted fame so bad, that fame is going to be her downfall, its going to be a meltdown of epic proportion because she is not going to be able to handle getting older, and losing her fans and she will be yesterday’s news, it happens to the best and brightest so its surely to happen to someone with no speak-able talent other than being an attention whore. She wont even be able to make a come back because she has nothing to come back from. Maybe she will find Jesus and take Jan Crouch place when she retires from TBN, you know old whores can always find their way to the church when they are past their prime and put out to pasture.

  3. My opinion of Kim as far as style is concerned is that she simply CANNOT pull off high fashion. She is already short in stature but her and her surgeon have have designed her body in such a way that she is now very wide and voluptuous where high fashion looks are designed for women who are tall and somewhat thin. Even this Givenchy(which I’m sure was custom made for her) looks a shitty mess.Every time I see her in one of these failed attempts, I just shake my head. Kanye is trying to move mountains making her a fashion icon and it is not meant to be. I agree with Jamari she needs to rewind about 4-5 years when she stayed in her lane as far as fashion was concerned. Girl bye…

  4. The low key shade ^^ lol! Kim kardashian needs to have several seats I used to like her but I feal all the kardashians are not with reality everything kim does is staged even down to bringing her baby out for appearances like come on kim

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