f0xmail: Your Foxhole Doesn’t Know What They Do.

the foxhole should be proud of yourselves.

you just don’t know how much you help people with the things you share.
i got such a wonderful email from a long time lurker in the foxhole today.
this is what he had to say…

Hi Jamari…
just wanted to let you know I love your blog. I come up here everyday and you never disappoint, your blog is the only blog that I ever read. Being a discreet 25 year old fox in this lifestyle is not easy. I remember January 2012 I was browsing the internet and came across this blog, and I have been coming up here everyday since then. The post you write about yourself I have experienced a lot of the same thing. I also love coming up here and reading comments from Tajan, Man, Old head, Lindo, Jay and others. I have so much to write to you about because I have been the gym the last 2 years and boy I have experienced so much with these DL wolves, but that is for another post…

tumblr_mqbm2kL38I1qfz8soo1_250i want to thank you reader so much for stickin’ around since 2012.
2012 ya’ll.
that is such a blessing to read.
i had to say that we have been through a lot since then.
it also makes me wonder how far my site has reached?

i have to say that i have the best commentators in the blogging sphere.
the foxhole just don’t stop and we are everywhere.
i respect so much that no one comes here to kiss my ass.
i don’t have the comment section like the popular bloggers.
when i fuck up,
you have no qualms letting me know.
i love tough love.
you also never know who you are helping when you share your experiences.
i have many readers who lurk in the shadows.
many who need the words i share.
many who are struggling with their sexualities.
many who are alone and find a safe haven here.
shit you never know if baller wolves or celebs,
are also finding strength in what you have to say.
so take a moment and be proud of yourself.
thank you for such kind words today lurker of mine.
also let me know about those gym d/l wolves.
that is always a treat to share!

jamari fox

ps: whoever the foxhole is in kellon deryck’s comment box on instagram,
telling him about my site and what i write about him,
i just want to say:


that muh-f’er needs to know i’m campaigning for that every way of heavy.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “f0xmail: Your Foxhole Doesn’t Know What They Do.”

  1. That was a heartfelt email there, and I’m glad that what I say can be a help to you man.

    Jamari you are well appreciated by us, maybe even more than what you think.

  2. I am little late seeing this, but Lurker you made my day. I can tell you that this Blog has changed my life and made me open up to new ways of thinking about a lot of things. Please dont be shy to express your opinion or view point, its all love in the foxhole. Even though I have never met anybody here, I feel like I know the regulars here like they are my cyber brothers.

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