Jamari Fox Is The MuthaF’in Improper Influence!

tumblr_m99f8ajjBB1qed69eo1_500my new mantra is “no looking back”.
just like olivia pope’s theme on this season of scandal,
i have decided to not let my past define me anymore.
all the hurt and pain i faced,
losing my parents and star fox,
has been securely locked in a chest and given to god.
well no sooner than i started living that,
i see someone from my past on my way to the barber shop today…

he was my best friend before star fox.
110% straight.
he and his family were big time church folks.
we all attended the same church.
i would go always be over his crib.
we would play play station and n64 until his parents told us go to bed.
he had an older brother and a younger sister.
low key i wanted to be part of his family.
i didn’t have any siblings and i admired him for it.

my parents and his parents ended up having a falling out.
typical church shit.
i still remained cool with him,
but he was really sheltered.
that always brought about problems.
he would hit me up to vent and complain.
it wasn’t like he wanted to do drugs or anything crazy.
he just wanted to be a typical teenager.

as he started to find himself,
he started fuckin’ girls within the church.
like he fucked almost every chick.
from what i heard,
he even had a sex tape.
he also started to rebel and do shit that even i wasn’t doing.
his parents needed someone to blame.
arrow animated gif
so they decided that i was the improper influence in his life.






tumblr_static_tumblr_mq92a4rlfg1rertyro1_r1_500so i took the L and let it cook.
i’m always “the bad fox” until proven innocent.
they cut us off and we didn’t see/hear much from each other again.
we went two different schools and at that point,
i also stopped going to that church.
i will admit i was hurt,
but i started seeing we were growing apart.

well we caught up earlier.
i heard someone shout my name from a car.
it was good to see him,
but i realized we are on two completely different paths.
he has a couple kids now.
3 to be exact.
different baby mamas.
still lives at home.
still into church,
but also into that new yawk club life heavy.
lips told me that he likes his smoke.
typical hood wolf doing hood wolf things.
Quinn-Fabray-quinn-fabray-24592930-500-218i guess i wasn’t the improper influence after all.

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6 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Is The MuthaF’in Improper Influence!”

  1. You definitely have to put the past behind you. There is no point being upset over things that cannot be changed. Good to see that you are moving forward.

    As for your old friend, people change over the years, sometimes for the good and some take a turn for the worst.

  2. Jamari, I had a similar incident growing up as well. I had a friend that was sheltered at home, but at the same time, whenever we were outside and away from his house…he was buck wild. He and several other of our friends would break into cars and steal cigarettes and they do other crazy mess as well. My ass was too scared to do much of anything because damn near everyone knew my parents. I grew up at a time where your neighbors would get in your ass and then they’d tell your parents…and you’d get it doubly! LOL
    One day I went over his house and out of the blue his mom came to the door and told me not to come over there anymore because I was a bad influence on him. I looked at him like where did that come from? I found out from one of the other fellas that he got caught with a carton of cigarettes and he told his parents that I talked him into taking them. We never associated with one another again. Found out he became a drug dealer after graduating high school. Fast forward about 10 years later and I see him on the news. He had escaped from a county jail van on his way to jail, and there was a major manhunt for him. You see the parents on TV crying and claiming their son isn’t the man the cops were claiming. I was like yeah, karma is a muthafucka!

  3. It always strange seeing people you used to be friends with in the past, it always shows me the place I was and how far I’ve come

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