Bradley Roby Gives His Alleged Hoes Good Seats?

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.03.22 PMwell bradley roby has interesting taste in ratchet pussy.
don’t all baller wolves?
as a baller wolf for the denver broncos,
i’m sure he has quite a few in his roster.
well according to baller alert,
he invited a popular atl stripper to watch him play last week.
everyone meet sade bagnerise

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.09.29 PM…and by the looks of her outfit,
she was ready to get to that dick him.
well someone sent this baller mail about what went down:

“So looks like a pseudo popular stripper in Atlanta was sent for by rookie cornerback bradley roby – seems like she was able to get her home girl flown out to – possible freaky turn up sesh for the kid lol – @sadebagnerise is another tatted up inflated lace front wearing stripper who recently was outted on Bossip for blasting richard Sherman – can you say PETTI LABELLE! If I recall correctly all her and Sherman did was FaceTime or text – I think she blasted another baller too- she was craving attention and the story gave her 0 life and 0 legs – anywho when will these ballers learn that these hoes are thirsty and trying to get that chyne and amber rose severance package- she definitely came to Denver prepared she even packed her lucky skivvies lmao- and to top it off she fake flexed in front of his new Benz – tropical bird – chirp snap chirp on luxury items that isn’t theirs.”


200 copyhmm.
sounds like fun times was had that night.
well i’m pretty sure he allegedly:

fucked her brains out
fucked her friends brains out
skeeted in their mouths
paid them for their services
sent them on their way


fucked her brains out
his wolf friend fucked the friends brains out
they swapped and fucked their brains out again
skeeted in their mouths
paid them for their services
sent them back on their way

 vixens are all shocked and appalled.
i’m not.
maybe because i know a lot of straight wolves.
this is what wolves do.
regular or baller.
this is what happens with ratchet pussy.
it gets fucked.
sometimes skeeted in.
1zqass1thats for the idiots.
you can tell by her denver broncos lingerie.
she was ready for that pipe.
now if only she would drop a dick/stroke report for his dossier.
much appreciated.

lowkey: the vixens are saying she looks like a man.
i can see it.

baller mail taken: baller alert

sade bagnerise: instagram

9 thoughts on “Bradley Roby Gives His Alleged Hoes Good Seats?

  1. When will these dummies learn?!! Think with your head on your shoulders…not the one between the legs!!!
    I see a paternity test coming up! LOL

  2. Nothing even REMOTELY attractive about that body. That shyt looks deformed! I hate fake chicks!

  3. Her body looks like an optical illusion and not in a good way. But that’s what these wolves like, *le sigh*

  4. Is her body real or nah? I usually can tell lol. You know these dudes stay liking those ratchet broads. They are the ones who will trap you.

      1. Yea, she doesn’t look free. Not only might you have to pay her, but you probably will have to feed her too. Take her to a nearby McDonald’s and buy her a burger off the dollar menu.

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