This Is The One Where The Baller Wolf Wanted You To Cum See Him

tumblr_nave938UH21qzs3xio1_500as a fox,
you want to meet wolves with deep pockets.
some may just be baller wolves.
lets say you do meet one.
i hope you are dreaming big and not basic.
now lets say he lives in an entirely different state than you do.
what do you do?
well i’ll tell you…

if the baller wolf suggests he wants you to come see him,
then he needs to purchase the ticket.
i will repeat myself:


…in more ways than one right?
any wolf for that matter.
if he wants you to cum see him,
then he needs to provide the ticket/way to see him.
only time you buy your own ticket is if you suggest it.
first class is NOT that serious.
get the fuck on the plane.
oh every airline has an app to download onto your phone.
have him buy the ticket so you can just show the gate agent your phone.
this is how i did when karaoke bought my ticket to florida.
also make sure its a round trip ticket.
i’ll explain why later…

don’t go telling everyone our business.
you are leaving to “get away”,
“see family”,
or “checking out a college”.
how about you keep your mouth shut and just be off that?


tumblr_mm00qhp52X1s9tvn7o2_250i actually like the last option better.

depending on how long this trip is,
you will need a nice overnight bag.
this is where your money comes in.
if you are like me,
i like to get one of these options:

not the louie persay.
well thats always nice.
moreso a bag or roller.
if it’s for the weekend,
pack light.
3 day vacations may need some fly shit in case of outings.
pack an outfit if he invites you to a game.
if he is a wolf with deep pockets,
he may want to take you out somewhere nice.
ask him what the agenda is before you pack.
this way you can get an idea of what to bring.

tumblr_m8ckfhwq961qi857wo3_500 tumblr_maeti5cLMU1r0b6eno1_500now personally speaking,
i like to be at a hotel.
i want my own space.
i feel like staying at his crib,
you just don’t know what could happen.
if he wants you to stay at his spot,
then go right ahead.
its always better to stay in your own room tho.
he should also provide that expense with the ticket.

for those who know how to drive,
he should also have a rental (or one of his cars) waiting.
i’m sure you don’t want to stay at your hotel twiddling your thumbs.
you should either:

have some sort of transportation to explore his city
should have you in a room in the heart of the city

you can walk around and explore.
maybe do a little shopping or do something in a new city.
i personally like to explore the highways of “where am i, usa”.
when a wolf of any kind flies you out,
best believe you will be getting smashed.
well what you expect?
he isn’t flying you out to go to the zoo.
he wants ass.
he wants mouth.
don’t go out there and lead him on.
don’t be that fox.
please i beg of you.
you are a reflection of the foxhole.
don’t fuck it up.
more than likely,
you want the pipe as much as he wants the hole(s).

tumblr_m9hlf3S7FE1qaex5co1_500AKE8Wlastly make sure the ticket is round trip.
just in case he decides to ack up.
foxes don’t do bad behavior.
if he decides to be an asshole,
you can pack up all your shit and be on the next flight out.
this way he acted a fool on his dime.
not yours.

thank him for the nice time and lets hope he asks you to cum again.
…in more ways than one right?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “This Is The One Where The Baller Wolf Wanted You To Cum See Him”

      1. So he has to be fine, unable to find the good stuff in his home town, rich enough to fly you in complete with hotel room and rental car? Walk on water or have a ride pulled by 8 tiny reindeer too? Forgive my sarcasm. This just seems to me like the gay version of the Atl skrippa delivery you posted about before.

        1. ^i guess.

          it’s better than being the “go to hoe” on jack’d.
          having threesomes and foursomes with randoms.
          maybe there are gays who just want more.
          more as they are pursuing their own goals.
          and guess what?
          there are gays out here who are getting more.
          there are gays out here who are living this life.
          they have no apologies.

  1. I’m not passing judgement. Just calling a spade a spade. The only difference between an escort and a gold digger is the price and whether or not they know your real name. Some people have more money than sex appeal and others the reverse. Of such are markets made. If errbody is up front about it, nobody gets hurt.

  2. Love this post, this reminds me of some of your first year blog entries . I feel like this help not only foxes but alot of these vixens after these baller wolves.

  3. You forgot one more thing: tell someone you trust where you’re really going just in case foul play arises. It’s definitely fun times getting a high from this but like all risky behaviour, never know what will transpire. Speaking from experience. Baby mama and I almost came to blows lol

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