how to access the foxhole patreon: a help guide

so as you know,
i’ve started a patreon for the foxhole.
i’m extremely grateful for everyone who has joined.
many people are confused about how the password system works.
there are some entries that require more pictures/information.
patreon isn’t set up like the foxhole in that regard.
it actually limits A LOT.
those entries are password-protected for the foxhole patreon to access.
i made a sheet for those who may be confused below the break…

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how not to get raped in prison (a guide for those who don’t want the prison butt secks)

this picture is really disturbing but this is everyone’s idea of what jail is like.
the jokes is being someone’s bitch whose name is “bubba“.
to some gays,
that is a legit fantasy.
a fine wolf with a prison bawdy giving you the business every night in ya’ll cell.
( x see here )
( x see another here )
one of the biggest fears for any male,
besides going to actual prison,
is getting raped in prison.

you’ll be out here like tom dubois from “the boondocks“:

some males might be willing participants.
thanks to this guide a foxholer sent me,
it teaches us:

“How Not To Get Raped in Prison”


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how to make a poppin’ onlyfans (cum in here)

have you ever wanted to start an onlyfans,
but you didn’t know where to start?
should your main focus be jackin off?
a mixture of both?
should the page be free?
charge upon entry?
what about exclusive content?
well wonder no more.
jimmy smacks is giving us a lesson in how to make a poppin’ onlyfans…
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This Is The One Where The Baller Wolf Wanted You To Cum See Him

tumblr_nave938UH21qzs3xio1_500as a fox,
you want to meet wolves with deep pockets.
some may just be baller wolves.
lets say you do meet one.
i hope you are dreaming big and not basic.
now lets say he lives in an entirely different state than you do.
what do you do?
well i’ll tell you…
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Don’t You DARE Bend Me Over and Frisk Me

tumblr_lijlgziAvK1qd5dxyi’m all for a good role playing game of:
“the robber fox and the police wolf”
“catch the wanted wolf and then search him… with my mouth
that’s all fun and games in the bedroom,
but in real life,
the police are no joke.
i was visiting one of my favorite tumblrs,
and i saw this guide on how to handle the pigs.
i know ya’ll are quick to cuss them out.
i wont lie but i’m not the biggest fan of them.
real talk: that shit can land you in handcuffs.
this is how to deal with them correctly…
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I Want To Jump Head First In Your Jeans

1aa387e4bba0b47c67afac6e6ca2f466as you know i make love to pinterest regularly.
i was pinning real good just now and came across that guide on how to wear jeans.
nothing worse than someone wearing the wrong jeans for their body.
this guide should help a lost fashion soul.

lowkey: i really need to get my money right.
pinterest is making me miss shopping.
my “fox swagg” board is poppington.
you should check it out for daily tips and ideas for things to wear!
follow me as well!

x press here to enjoy my fox swagg board

as you can tell…
i <3 clothes like i do a fine wolf.