how to make a poppin’ onlyfans (cum in here)

have you ever wanted to start an onlyfans,
but you didn’t know where to start?
should your main focus be jackin off?
a mixture of both?
should the page be free?
charge upon entry?
what about exclusive content?
well wonder no more.
jimmy smacks is giving us a lesson in how to make a poppin’ onlyfans…

laugh all you want,
but some of these folks don’t know how to do this shit.
ya’ll be paying for full blown onlyscams out here.
many lack what it takes to present a good product.
it’s not all about pulling your pants down and whippin’ out your bawdy parts.
have you ever subscribed to someone onlyfans that the dick report was horrid?
for me:

An Onlyfans needs to be spicy

it has to have a mixture of everything.

bawdy parts
sex (many different angles)
solo scenes
quality camera work
comfort level on camera (we can tell you’re uncomfortable af)

meaty content + the occasional exclusive drop
reasonable price to fit said content
costars can’t have bullet holes or be fresh from under a bridge

and last but not least:


if i ask to see you fuckin’ missionary,
with someone squeezing on your cheeks,
while you’re giving them a solid pounding,
a response shows you are open to suggestions.

I’ve actually hit up a couple Onlyfans folks about something I wanted to see.
One did it.
Don’t ask me who or what.

an onlyfans should be thought of like a restaurant.
it should have variety and the portions need to be meaty.
the food has to be so good that i’ll always go back.
nothing worse than paying too much for too little.

so many onlyfans are worth just one month with no auto-renew.

if you’re interested in jimmy’s onlyfans ted talk:

that’ll be 29.99 sir/ma’am/other.

lowkey: if you’re gonna make an onlyans,
go hard or go home.
people ain’t spending their hard earned money on TRASH.
if you’re gonna go down the belly of the beast,
make sure you do it with a hard bang.

head over to jimmy’s onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “how to make a poppin’ onlyfans (cum in here)”

  1. “people ain’t spending their hard earned money on TRASH”

    But they are tho 😂 that’s why all these celebs been hopping on the wave to get a quick bag. Never seen this dude a day in life but if he’s one of the one’s not scamming ppl credit to him. The whole Onlyfans wave is jokes. Seen someone say by the end of the year folks no longer gonna be asking you for an instagram but whats your onlyfans. Made me laugh but at the rate its going that might likely come true.

  2. So you have to sell your soul to get it poppin on only fans? Welp.
    There’s too much porn for me to get entertained on the internet.
    I’ll eventually find them videos on the way, like I already did.

  3. Truthfully, these niggas are so arrogant, they truly believe that because people find them sexy that they can just charge ridiculous prices and the fans will pay it, when their content is half assed, too short, shot on an iphone, and is subpar. Then these greedy negros have to audacity to charge additional amounts for “exclusive content.” Nigga if I paid for your onlyfans, that SHOULD be the fucking exclusive content. Take King Agu for example. There isnt a video on his page longer than 30 seconds, no sex, barely any pics but is charging 30 dollars. These niggas are delusional and have no concept of marketing.

    1. Totally hear u, but you said it yourself “They have no concept of marketing” lol these are not hard working businessman, these are some everyday niggas that got lucky by having a large following, so they’re just trying to make a quick buck, giving the least as possible! most just want enough to get a new car & then they done lol they don’t care about providing quality

  4. OF should allow some sort of preview function, though. To let folks know what they’re about to subscribe to – at least.

    And Cardi is the only one letting y’all know up front she ain’t showing her goodies on her OF – plus at $5, it’s one of the best deals out there. She’s using it for its original purpose

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