the tatts were the biggest clue to who jeffree star is riding in this picture

in order to be in the foxhole,
your investigative and meddling skills need to be top tier.
you gotta be able to put together clues,
social media crumbs,

solve mysteries,
and still be home on time to cook dinner for your (future) manz.

everyone wanted to know who ^that wolf was that jackal,
jeffree star,
was trying to lowkey trying to flex with in that picture.

“I’m getting some black dick so I’m desirable.”

well if they wanted this to be dl then they’re stupid.
his tatts are the main clue in the picture.
i was led to this…

thank you to the twitter foxholer with this lead.
i’m impressed.

his name is andre marhold and he has already ( x locked his page down ).
i clicked that hashtag that led me to this face:

x see that instagram here

along with “the shade room“:

andre’s instagram leads to his whole story on ( x google ).
what led him to get involved with jeffree star of all people?
is this a scheme on his part for clout?
a mutual scheme?
or is this just a case of “black males fuckin’ anything“?
he wanted to be found with his tatts being exposed.
oh and i failed to mention…

it’s getting better.

ETA: jeffree has released the full facial for us…

okay to feeling spicy.
now is jeffree anemic?
why is the wolf in summer,
but jeffree is in fall?
i’m confused as to what is going on.
more importantly…

Why does he look photoshopped in that pic?

eitehr way,
andre looks good.

i hate to applaud that muthafucka,
but he bagged a nice piece.
God and The Universe
since you handing out these kinda blessings to the mentally poor,
i know who you got for me is gonna blow my mind.

lowkey: when i font about:

“Releasing a social media press release to confirm you’re both fuckin’.”

this is the type of shit i mean.

25 thoughts on “the tatts were the biggest clue to who jeffree star is riding in this picture

  1. This guy’s ex girlfriend, upset baby mama and a guy claiming to be his ex boyfriend, who is upset that he kept their relationship a secret, are all coming out of the woodwork.I saw the alleged ex boyfriend on The Neighborhood Talk page.

    This is a hot mess

  2. Listen Baybee, as We’ve seen, Mu’fuckas is out here killing they Nephews for the possibility of 200k, so this ain’t nothin, if ole boy wanna fuck on Jefferey for a few months so Jeff can live out his “Kardashian” fantasies 🤷🏾‍♂️ So be it, we all know it won’t last, they are from two different worlds and I DOUBT they have 1 real thing in common

  3. I know I sound like a hater for my comment but 🤷🏿‍♂️.
    It really annoys me that people like “Jefree the Dragon” always get to play in our faces like this. He clearly wanted some extra publicity for the release of his newest collection. What better way to get everyone in an uproar than to come out with your new “black” boyfriend who just happens to be a ball player 🙄. We already know niggas will do anything for a come up so ole boy going along with isn’t surprising at all 😐🙄. It’s just sad how people like Mr. Dragon can disrespect our community and then turn around and use a black man for his publicity stunts….but hey money talks….
    Ok I’m done with my hater rant for the day….

    1. He has a shade in his new pallete called “craving chocolate”

      If that doesn’t tell you everything about the situation then idk what will.

  4. This Jefferson dude might be miserable, but he’s smart and calculated. Like the Kardashians, he always manages to have people talking. That’s marketing for y’all.

    As for his “partner”, he’s a grown man, he can grab his own nuts. He’s not the face of black men nor does he represent me, so I couldn’t care less about what NDAs he signed or who he chooses to be with.

    Not all money is good money.
    He’ll face the consequences of his actions.

  5. Well damn & here I am all by myself!

    Btw Jamari that pic of them poolside isn’t photoshopped because you can see the reflection of Jefree taking the pic in his sunglasses.

  6. Lean lil baller body, not an ugly dude yet resorting to being now only known as the token nigga blowing Jeffree Star’s back out. Yikes that’s the tag dude’s want in 2020?? Definition of going out sad.

  7. Idk if my earlier comment was posted but I was saying that everybody has a price..

    Jefree is just there for the ride (pun intended also).. He is posting this man away while this ball player immediately locked his IG page to private once his identity was revealed. That enough can tell you where the pendulum is swinging.

    One man is just milking the attention that he is receiving from having a black NBA boyfriend while the other man is now hiding away from the attention. Little does he know he is just a pawn in for Jefree and this will end quick.

    Enjoy forever being known as “Jefree Star’s black boyfriend” lol

  8. Jamari, I truly admire this up and coming future Master Foxholer! It takes a keen eye to spot those tats, bawdy parts, and as I call them beauty marks (scars). I am not surprised by this Baller sleeping with Jeffrey. People have been doing something strange for change since the beginning of time. What I am thrown off about is his lack of tact. How do you allow this man to take a picture of you as a trophy from a boody call?? Paid or now. 👀👀👀

    1. “How do you allow this man to take a picture of you as a trophy from a boody call??”

      THIS!. Lets be real this isn’t a real relationship and Jefree is MILKING tf out of this LMAO

      The way he is posted all over IG in those pretentious pics says it all. I hope this guy is okay, I can only imagine the harassment that is now in this DM’s

      The fact that Jefree is posting this guy everywhere already shows that he was paid off.

  9. All I’m gonna/can say is……DAMN!!!!!!! And just wave my hands👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋….. there’s nothing more to say or do at this point!!!

    1. Wow he left his girlfriend for a racist white gay man he must really need that money to get his PS five

  10. Shoot…the same way that crype keeper paid Jonathan 20K to do his hair, I’m sure he slid this man at least an extra 10K just to fuck him. I swear something is wrong with some black men. Now he about to lost his whole non-existent D-league ass career over this mess. Hope it was worth it.

    1. That money must have been good because chh…. Let me not lol

      Surely he didn’t expect to take a pic like that and not think that this queen’s white fans weren’t going to find him? Good luck to this man

  11. Black men need to stop being white peoples accessories. Since the kardasians, it seems to be the “trendy” thing to do to date black men. Like a new purse or car. It’s such a degrading flex. Even more vile that the METH face with the pink cardi wig is a racist.

    In most of the comments people aren’t even dragging him for being DL, the uproar is because it’s jeffree Starr a blantant racist, who very much gives if Ronald McDonald and Marilyn Manson had a love child. One comment said “out of all people smh” such a disappointment.

  12. I don’t think they’re fucking! I feel he did it for some money & was stupid not to think to cover his tattoos. Let’s hope we haven’t lost a fine brother like him to that unseasoned racist chicken cutlet!

    1. Look…He can have him. He ain’t cute at all to me. They can be anorexic together. I prefer my men with more meat and muscle on their bones. At 6’7 you better be at least 250.

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