can i interest you on a date night at “lovecraft country”?

can i font that even tho h.p. lovecraft was an alleged racist,
i’m happily fed that black folks are commanding his work.
we LOVE to see it.
i knew when jordan peele got involved with “lovecraft country” on hbo…


jordan had me at “get out“.
us” was decent,
but i love how his work highlights racism and white supremacy.
it’s always sprinkled with these well placed easter eggs too.
you gotta watch it twice,
go on a full investigation to find them,
and then double back by watching youtube videos.
you know i love to investigate things i’m interested in.
i don’t want to give too much away about the show but…


jurnee smollett,
courtney b. vance,
and my crush since “white boy rick” who knows how to wear a t-shirt…


...jonathan majors,
are killing it on this show.
the acting is top tier.
for those who don’t know the premise of the show:

Atticus Black joins his friend Letitia and his Uncle George to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father.

ima need ya’ll to get dressed for ya’ll living rooms every sunday at 9pm on hbo.

we got a date.
this is the first episode for those who need to catch up:

lowkey: j.j. abrams too.
they got some allstars behind this production.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “can i interest you on a date night at “lovecraft country”?”

  1. Johnathan Majors is a beautiful man. I love Journee Smollet, she is an amazing actress. Those other biracial actresses need to take note from her. It’s not enough to be beige and possibly with good hair. Everyone enjoys Journee Smollet’s acting! She can act.

    1. Listen, Journee has been breaking her back since day one. The Queen is so multitalented. She does her own stunts, as well as acting. She makes this miniseries pop with action and beauty! Love her!

  2. SO GLAD you mentioned this show. Although I was hooked at the trailer and credits, I’m really happy that it turns out to be as goof as the promise! Jonathan Majors was everything in “The Last Black Man in San Francisco, glad he is getting some more shine…

  3. Episode 2 went allllllll the way downhill, like they made a CW show. The entire episode felt like a rushed season finale and so much seemed like it was cut that I think maybe they were missing some shots due to covid.

    I really, really hope episode 3 pulls things back on track because something went wrong here after a STRONG premiere.

    But Majors gets all the way naked in episode 2 and that booty chile!!!

    1. Word from you tube reviews the first and fifth episodes are good. The rest maybe not so much, but I’ll watch til the end.

      1. That is not true. They only sent out the first five episodes. The five are not even finished with post-production yet. No one has seen those yet.

    2. I have not watched a CW show since 2011, but nothing about those production values or acting scream CW series. You guys really need to watch other networks because you have to be pretty illiterate in visual storytelling to compare it to the CW.

      1. The script in episode 2 and the effects scream CW. You haven’t seen their latest offerings.

        The effect with the turning to stone/eden. The really shitty cuts between the dining scene, the dungeon, and then MKW showing up. The dialogue and the fact this episode had a lot of unexplained stuff where the characters seemed ok with everything and not once questioned literal magic, or even acted slightly surprised by it. Even the color grading was way off of HBO standards. Look at watchmen and similar shows. The lack of shading makes everything look cheap and like a set.

        And you haven’t seen a CW show since 2011….how can you say it’s not like that when you’re frame of reference is out-of-date?

        The music choices were also questionable as hell and the ending monolog was super put of place considering the poem was written in 1969 and the show takes place in the 30’s, and it had ZERO theme to tie it to in the episode.

        This episode was rushed both on-screen and behind the scenes, clear as fucking day corona affected the production and HBO was going to churn it out on-time regardless.

        The vast majority of the subreddit for the episode is confused by the weird pacing and editing and they fact they fit a seasons worth of storytelling in a single episode.

        But I must be “pretty illiterate” in visual storytelling to not see what a masterpiece the episode was. Spare me, this episode was a dud. Hopefully it pics up.

        1. Looking at the book, this consists of 8 intertwined stories. The first one being “Lovecraft Country”. I assume the other 8 episodes will be the other 7 stories.

          From what I’ve read that happens in the book, Episode 2 on paper is faithful, but I’m sure they took some weird liberties and left some stuff out.

          As someone who enjoys CW shows, I can see the comparison in terms of the tone.

          This episode didn’t kill my enjoyment for the show, it more so made me happy that this plot was done away with and opens the door for more stories in this world.

          I do not think this will get renewed seeing as it’s only 1 book and unless reception overall is REALLY GOOD, I don’t see HBO taking the show past the book.

  4. I love the first episode, thought the second was so-so, but I’ll keep watching for all the reasons JamariFox and others on here have said.

    BTW, anyone else watch “I May Destroy You”? That show and especially the season finale was on another plane of existence altogether.

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