a picture.
it never fails that when a scandal pops up,
many folks start coming out the woods with a story.
everyone they was dating,
about to be fuckin’,
or bullied by in k1 all have something to share.
andre marhold,
who is in an entanglement with jeffree star,
has some new characters in this story.
there is the ex girlfriend

the alleged male that andre was smashin while he was with the ex:

the deceived baby mama via “baller alert“:

the current boyfriend who thought he was the only one:

the dog he had to give up in childhood also had something to add:

i’m so kidding.
as you are well aware,
most of these confessions are all alleged.
we don’t know who is telling the truth vs who wants a quick 15.
this is the perfect scandal to try and get some easy social media fame.
i’d be so embarrassed to know andre was fuckin’ with jeffree star.
you went from this to that?
even tho jeffree has money,
whatta downgrade.

lowkey: andre’s dick seems to have a lot of mileage on it.
this reminds me of this scene…

23 thoughts on “I AM MR. OR MRS. ANDRE MARHOLD! (NO, I AM!) (NO BITCH, I AM!)

  1. well obviously the shot jeffrey post on his timeline this morning walking holding hands says alot. the guy doesn’t seem to concerned to me about public perception. these days it’s all about getting that bag sexual preference be damned. you know jeffrey is breaking him off some real cash and he’s there for it.

  2. Somebody forgot to let the air outta the DL pressure cooker, so Andre’s mess is all over the kitchen now!

    To tell the truth, though, y’all can have all three of them and leave the poor baby mama out of all that drama.

  3. Well DAMN!!! He was fucking Taay Anthony also…..Dude had a whole entire girl….and at the same time…he was out slangin dick and smashing BUSSY!!! Someone is throwing a coin around somewhere!!!

    1. Tay has a storytime video on his YT channel about fucking around with a basketball player at his school. I think it might be ole boy 👀

          1. Really bruh? He was messing with a CAU ho…No wonder there’s drama. Then again it makes sense. Any of my brothers from “The House” would have dismissed him from the jump! This story is an entire hot mess and getting worse by the day. Next his old Caucasian sugar daddy is going to pop up salty because he’s no longer the only “pay to play” donor.

    2. So, this pug-faced, “It’s a Bug’s Life” built queen KNEW that this dude was in a relationship with a chick and was still fuckin’ around with him…???? Chile… I’m glad twitter is dragging his attention-seeking ass.

  4. I just don’t understand how these dudes get involved with these messy ass people. Sounds like the ex was his ride or die, and kept his/her mouth shut…but that wasn’t good enough, He wanted a drama mama…and he got one. Kiss that career goodbye, and then see what Jefree does next.

  5. YES!!! ‘ He appears to have a “Type”..

    In fact ,the resemblance between Jeffree star and Tay Anthony is so strong that I almost believe this story to be true ( ha ha ha )

  6. Damn he really looks like a black version of Jeffree Star.😂 Baby Mama’s ego in tatters but can’t really blame her if these what the dude you carried a kid for was messing with. Lowkey I feel she knew tho, maybe not his type but his deal.

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