dr. kevin rome, the president of fisk university, is OUT

when someone is under investigation by their job,
or the feds,
the outcome usually leads to the truth.
if someone is innocent,
a statement is released and things go on as normal.
when someone is guilty tho,
so there seems to be a conclusion in the dr. kevin rome scandal at fisk.
as you know,
he was accused of being dl and messy as the president of the university.
( x read about it here )
the alleged victim within the scandal even joined the chat.

Fisk University is once again searching for a new president after severing ties with Kevin Rome, who came under scrutiny this month due to an allegation that he threatened a man.

The university announced Rome’s departure Monday, two weeks after Rome was put on leave due to the pending court matters. Provost Vann Newkirk will serve as interim president.

“Fisk University has ended its relationship with Dr. Kevin D. Rome, Sr.,”  the university said in a statement. “The University thanks Dr. Rome for his service as president of Fisk and wishes the very best to him and his family.”

Rome did not respond to a voicemail or email Monday requesting comment.

i think he snatched all his social medias down too.

if this was all lies,
his name would have been cleared and he’d have his position back.
if he was claiming innocence,
he would be screaming it from the rooftops.
this is the era of “blm” so this would be perfect timing to protest your job.
now it could happen so we shall see,
but whatever evidence was presented was damaging enough for his firing.

folks gotta be careful how they move when they get into higher positions.
the scallywag behavior has to cease and dismiss.
if you happen to be dl,
you need to figure out who is messy by their red flags,
but also realize your own red flags within yourself as well.
once your bad behavior gets put on the table,
it will be a bitch to your reputation for future employment.
this whole story with dr. kevin rome was wild af.
you’d think a president of a university would move a lot different.

he is so well spoken.
you’d never think he had this accused dark side.
he needs to take this time to figure his life out.

lowkey: this needs to be discussed too…

Rome’s departure after three years continues a trend of unusually high turnover at the helm of the historically Black university. Leaders initially hoped Rome would stay for a decade or longer.

why is there such a high turnover rate at this hbcu?

article cc: tennessean

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “dr. kevin rome, the president of fisk university, is OUT

  1. Ok he is a very handsome man, but let’s be real his wife isn’t cute and looks way older than him. In my past years of dealing with dl and/or married men I’ve noticed the trend of their wives being less than attractive and/or suffering with some insecurity issues. There Should be a class on how women can spot a dl man before marrying them and having children and possibly ruining lives.

    1. ^oooooh this is deep.
      in dealing with dl males,
      i’ve noticed the same trend at times.
      i’ve noticed they try to be these pussy magnets when their guilt or insecurities about being on the low start keeping them up at night.

      there are a lot of layers to the dl males tbh.
      some are married to beauty queens or not.
      the trend with the insecurities within some of these vixens tho is prevalent.
      they are easier to control and dl males are all about controlling the narrative.

    2. Stop that. Although she isn’t, his wife looks like a civil rights icon. She’s beautiful in a Fannie Lou Hamer way.

    3. Really? What are honest thoughts on Michelle and Barack Obama? I ask because she seems insecure and there were talks of him being Dl before his election. Not trying to offend his supporters, just. Want your honest insight.

  2. Even if he wasn’t involved in this mess, the University would’ve still let him go to avoid any type of association with the scandal. The last thing a school needs/wants is their name associated with any knind of negative scandal. They will do shyt on the low, and the next thing you know you’re asking “where is such and such? I haven’t seen them in a minute.” LOL

    1. Yup. Everything is about the name and the money. If they even catch a whiff that something may be a problem, they hesitate to even think about picking up a 10 foot pole, let alone touching it. I know from topics not even remotely as controversial as this. Whether he is innocent or guilty, just the association alone would have him removed. The school name and rep is too valuable, especially in a time like this.

      1. it all depends on the contract that was signed. he would have to have violated something in the work contract. if the school fired too quickly they would have a law suit of unlawful termination or even a discrimination lawsuit. Universitys have to preserve thier reputation, but they also have have to be delicate with workers rights.

  3. Jamari,

    There is a high turnover rate because the Board and the President don’t often see eye-to-eye. Some past presidents have come from white institutions where they did little more than manage the operation so they were ill-prepared (in a variety of ways) for running an HBCU; some did not have a vision that aligned with the Board; and then there is this foolishness. Being president of any HBCU means you have to do a yeoman’s job ALL THE TIME. You must create the vision, raise MEGA amounts of money ALL THE TIME, and have your hands in every.little.thing. I’m not saying that’s right but rather how it is. HBCU presidents across the board have relatively high turnover rates.The last stable Fisk president was former US Secretary of Energy Hazel O’Leary. After she retired, the men just can’t seem to make it work. As an alumnus, we learn that the institution is bigger than one person so we don’t get easily attached :-)…perhaps one day someone will assume the position that has the right combination of skills and traits to truly make a difference. I was hoping a Morehouse Man (Dr. Rome) would be the one. In addition to Congressman John Lewis, Fisk has had some legendary people come through its gates and consistently ranks among the top 10 HBCUs but at “street level” often gets lost in the mix. And contrary to things being published in light of the Rome incident, is more “gay” friendly than many other HBCUs…

      1. From what I can tell, I think people around here believe SOMETHING happened although whether it’s all that “Adam” alleged is still uncertain. They do agree, that the school had to act quickly and decisively. Most of my close circle are saying “that’s what happens when you mess with white men” or “why in hell was he so sloppy with his shit”. Not necessarily the most politically correct but honest sentiment. I-however-just want the institution to not be marked by this episode and the Rome family to work out whatever this is about…

          1. 2 week investigation with a team of attorneys is not swift. They were not going to fire him for being DL or on Grindr or on mere allegations. It’s his behaviors that for him fired. He left a messy trail at Lincoln U as well. This is 2020. Cameras are literally everywhere. His behaviors are documented and sad, very sad. He threw it all away over a dick. It’s just very unnecessary. But, Trump supporters tend to be a little skewed in the Truth. And he loved Trump. BlM never got behind him because he was notorious for his entanglements in North Nashville.

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