what really happened to obari-mark caleb?

you don’t know people like you think you do.
you may think they have your back,
but they could be plotting heavy on you.
see: tim norman of “welcome to sweetie pies”.
nigerian newly graduated student,
obari-mark caleb (caleb obari),
is missing and feared dead.
he is above.
he went out yachting with alleged friends and well…

The parents of a Nigerian student who went missing in Ukraine after being invited to a party on a yacht have issued a plea for help in getting information about their son’s whereabouts.

Nigerian citizen, Obari-Mark Caleb, born in 1999, is a recent graduate of Sumy State Agrarian University. He has a residence permit in Ukraine.

He was invited by a woman to a party on a yacht on Thursday, August 20. He attended the party in the company of his friends but didn’t return with them.

According to volunteers of the search platform, “911”, Caleb disappeared during a walk. He was on the yacht of the private yacht club “Sauvignon” (Ovidiopol district of Odessa region) when he disappeared.

He reportedly went for the walk in the company of 8 people (including the captain of the yacht)

In the Odessa region, the police are investigating the circumstances of the disappearance of the Nigerian citizen while on a yacht.

Caleb’s companions claim that he disappeared while swimming. Caleb cannot swim and speaks only English, according to students and teachers of Sumy College.

According to EN24 News, Caleb was invited to the yacht by a woman who, according to public figures, is the owner (or employee) of one of the well-known local clubs with an ambiguous reputation.

The “911” platform has a photo of Caleb, in which he was in the club in the company of the aforementioned young woman. The photo, according to volunteers, was taken a few weeks ago.

well according to ( x this ig caption ):

Personal belongings of Caleb was simply handed to Daniel( the friend he went to Odessa with). And no one from the cruise is still in touch with him to give him more information about the whereabouts of Caleb.
The girl in question who invited him to the cruise has already changed her number and is still at large.

he was on the yacht with 9 other males including the she-hyena at large.
why would she have to change her number and go rogue?
if they murdered him,
was another male jealous of his relationship with the she-hyena?
you know i have questions.

his parents are pleading for any kind of help:


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very sad.
now i see why folks keep their circles small.
you can’t trust folks too tough out here.
can i be honest with the foxhole…

That whole set up would have made me nervous enough not to go.

look at how they’re acting after his disappearance.
it’s like this mysterious death of tamla horsford.

she went to an adult sleepover with those karens.
the next morning she was found brutally beaten in the owner’s yard.
none of those karens have any answers on what happened to her.
( x read about that story here )

stay woke foxhole.
i hope his caleb and answers turn up soon.

article cc: 360 aproko

7 thoughts on “what really happened to obari-mark caleb?

  1. you cannot be the only black person around a bunch of white folks. It never works out.
    i’m so sorry this has happened to this guy. So sad!

  2. Stories like these is why I don’t fuck with many people nowadays. People will smile in your face and be plotting HEAVY behind your back….to include family. It’s sad and scary.

  3. this is so sad, did he even know all of those people? words to the wise always have an exit plan. if they set him up, he was stuck in the middle of the ocean and couldn’t swim, no escape. it’s just so sad.

  4. Thank you for bringing up Tamla Horsford Jamari! You are a real one. <3 I hate how when we’re missing, we assume the worst, but if it was anyone lighter they’d have the Coast Guard searching the bottom of the ocean.
    I trust noone. Not even family. Nobody’s safe. Even celebrities. They’re worth more dead than alive. What a world.

  5. Yea he’s pretty much a goner! Sounds like organ harvesting to me, but this is why I have like 3 friends and they’re all of my pigmentation.

    1. ^the pretty vixen said the same about organ harvesting.
      and allegedly,
      they killed him and stole his organs.
      how did they even have enough time to do that?

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