what really happened to obari-mark caleb?

you don’t know people like you think you do.
you may think they have your back,
but they could be plotting heavy on you.
see: tim norman of “welcome to sweetie pies”.
nigerian newly graduated student,
obari-mark caleb (caleb obari),
is missing and feared dead.
he is above.
he went out yachting with alleged friends and well…
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Jeremy Meeks Is Probably In 4 Billion Dollar Pussy At The Moment

i was waiting for this scandal.
i knew it would be cumming sooner or later.
the snow bunny probably doing it on a yacht as you read.
so the internet made jeremy meeks famous.
his mugshot got him a good career as a full time model.
well with this new found fame also came new found pussy.
he has allegedly decided to leave his wife to reap the benefits.
this is what the daily mail had to say…
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Kyrie Irving’s FB Clapback to the IG Clapback to Your Clapbacks

12391177_961850207218345_7790152182318830939_nyou know it’s serious when you can’t ignore the scandal.
as much as you try to hide,
it will always show face.
you can’t escape the snarls and side eyes from the sista vixens who deem you as:


*dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*
so after ( x kyrie and the snow bunnies on the yacht ),
kyrie irving thought it was in his best interest to respond on his facebook.
this is what he had to font
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Kyrie Irving Clapback to your Clapbacks

tumblr_o8qujokAAn1rruxogo1_1280so everyone is talking about kyrie irving again.
not even because of the cleveland cavaliers championship win.
no one cares how kyrie played this season.
hell his pipe print lasted a day.
everyone is talking about this:

a celebratory yacht party he threw with nothing but snow bunnies.
the real talk is his alleged love for:

damn near white

well kyrie decided to clapback to your clapbacks.
this is what he put up on his instagram
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