Kyrie Irving’s FB Clapback to the IG Clapback to Your Clapbacks

12391177_961850207218345_7790152182318830939_nyou know it’s serious when you can’t ignore the scandal.
as much as you try to hide,
it will always show face.
you can’t escape the snarls and side eyes from the sista vixens who deem you as:


*dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*
so after ( x kyrie and the snow bunnies on the yacht ),
kyrie irving thought it was in his best interest to respond on his facebook.
this is what he had to font

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.37.25 PM
tumblr_lsngjzNh7U1qzyyedwell put.
i guess he can have a “do over”.

screen shot taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving’s FB Clapback to the IG Clapback to Your Clapbacks”

  1. Policing with whom black men are in relationships is embarrassing and really makes black women look insecure. I have no idea why gay black men are concerned about a straight black man being with a white woman either. No, Media Take Out is not a credible source, so save the bullshit about his blocking black women from being at the party.

  2. There’s something about the “It’s just a preference” defense that really gets under my skin. See, my problem with people who are using this word to defend their dating choices is that they are using it wrong. As usual, they don’t even know what the word means.

    I’ve been thinking about what this word “preference” actually means. Preference is the word to use when you like more than one thing, but like one or more of those things more than others on the list. It’s like ice cream. You like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies & cream. If you didn’t have a choice you’d be happy with any of those flavors. But if there was a choice, you’d prefer chocolate. So to say you have a preference, in the spirit of the word, is to say you pretty much have an open mind to a variety of things. Or at least to more than one thing.

    Yet, as we all know, there’s a lot of people out there who have absolutely no attraction to anything other than WHITE. When these people try to defend themselves using the word “preference”, they are not genuine in the slightest. There’s no preference there at all, and they are hiding behind words they don’t even understand.

    I think the word people need to start using instead of preference is REQUIREMENT; a thing that is needed or wanted. A thing that is compulsory; a necessary condition

    A thing that is compulsory. A thing that is wanted. COMPULSORY. WANTED.

    Why do you think we don’t hear, “It’s just a requirement?” I can tell you why. Because for the everyday man or woman, that word doesn’t feel so easy to hide behind as preference. Preference sounds so benign, so unobtrusive, so open-minded, so nice.

    “Oh no, we’re not trying to tell anyone how they should be, we really believe all the diverse people of the world are equal, we’re just expressing our personal preferences.”

    No, you’re not. You’re demanding whiteness, to hell with anyone that doesn’t fit your neat little manufactured ideal of what’s attractive. And you’re hiding behind a word that doesn’t apply to you, in order to make yourself feel less like the total asshole you truly are.

    If there were a more balanced representation of requirements in the world, if there were more races promoted as “hot” over a sustained period of time, rather than just the one version, things wouldn’t be so bad. This really wouldn’t be such an issue. But with whiteness promoted as the overwhelming frontrunner in the attraction stakes, these requirements have the stench of “master race” written all over them.

    So I say STOP calling your requirements “preferences.” If you’ve been conditioned to find only one race attractive, so be it. But STOP promoting that conditioned attraction as a personal “preference” because it isn’t. Not even slightly. In fact, you have no “preferences” at all, since you have been brainwashed into thinking only one thing is “hot”. And every time you put that one thing on a pedestal, anyone not fitting into your narrow definition of hotness feels like garbage.

  3. This was a great non-answer. I am still confused however because he never really said that yes there were indeed lots of Black girls at the party, he only implied that he would never do anything like this but never addressed the issue at hand, hell he could have said it just appeared this way because it was one particular picture and posted a picture with a ton of Black women to disprove what everybody was saying. Maybe he did and I missed it. Either way, if you dont want Black women at your event just own up to it, its your choice, but dont get mad if its it the truth and you get called out on it.

    1. I think he is saying although there weren’t any Black women there there was no directive issued that said “No black girls allowed”.If there were black women there I am sure he would have posted a picture.A picture is worth a thousand words.

      1. Exactly. I still think his “preference” is for white girls, but I don’t think he wanted to give the impression that he hates black women or is white girl exclusive.

      2. He’s full of IT. He is probably embarrassed due the fact that people are making fun of him. He sounds defensive and uptight. Based on that video, all the women that were visible looked like white video vixens to me. He will get his wake up call soon… I’m curious to know why do we make excuses for these men who dismiss n degrade their own race by simply stating that ” it’s just a preference”.. Nutten nuh go suh.. call it as it is, many of these men have issues. Again I ask have we as a race stepped back look at the mess were in an wonder why our people are not respected. The slave mentality has effed up many minds up until this day.
        I recommend swing the documentary ” Dark Girls”. Listen the thoughts of some of the black men interviewed, a few even go as far dark skin doesn’t look good on women but white skin does, yet we excuse that as mere preference…no badda wid dat. ..they are effed up.

  4. I don’t have an issue with interracial dating I have dated a few non Black guys.We all have preferences.I have an issue when someone says they would NEVER date a member of their OWN race.I find it hard to believe that there is no one in your ethnic group you find attractive or appealing.Particularly because black people come in such a vast range of skin tones,facial features,body types.Backgrounds from bougie to country and everything in between.

    1. Agreed. It has to be residual from slavery and Jim Crow or something linked to their mothers.

      I’ve NEVER heard a White, Asian, or Latino man state they don’t date women of their race or put another race of women on a pedestal as more desirable.

      I wish a Psychologist would study this issue.

      1. Lol I’ve seen White guys who only date Asians. I’ve met Asian/Latino men who only date black women. Hell my cousin’s husband is a French white man and he ONLY dates African women. His ex who was Senegalese, cheated on him and had a baby with another African man but that didn’t stop him from dating more black women. That’s just his thing.

        Trust me you may not see them but they exist. There’s people of every race who choose not to date within their own race.

        Everybody has their own preferences.

      2. @ Est.1996 Yup, I’ve seen it too, surprisingly from white men as well. There are some in every crowd, hell I “uncle” who’s white, only dates/marries “non-white women”.

    2. @ Y Colette, I find that a little strange as well. I’m all for preferences as well, but to say you’re just not attracted to ANY of your own raises eyebrows.It definitely goes beyond preferences. People need to cop to their demons and not hide behind “it’s my preference!” whilst in the same breath bashing their own women. There’s a clear difference between preferences and self hating and those demons will make themselves known so there’s not much point hiding it. Someone with just a preference have no issues embracing and interacting with their own.

  5. rumor or not, is it wrong that I’m lowkey relieved he addressed this and highkey proud that he put together this statement?

    now he may have a preference like must athletes but that’s his business.

    my cuzzo who balled at a D1 school broke it down for me. it’s usually about access and atmosphere. many wolves aren’t as color struck as we’d like to believe.

      1. You don’t believe they are either? Really? Interesting

        I am going to bring up your comment the next time you post a story about a prominent black gay man with a non black boyfriend.Instead of saying they are color struck or self hating maybe its” about access and atmosphere “as Z says.😀

      2. ^let me rephrase:

        “not all,
        but a majority.”

        i think the ones who may have a preference for light and bright are usually highlighted more.

  6. He should have posted this statement five days ago instead of that IG pic captioned “All different shades” which just showed his friends come in different shades.😕

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