It’s Heterosexual Pride Day!

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i went on twitter and saw it was “heterosexual pride day”.
my eyes nearly got stuck rolling them so hard.
i hate to break it to the straights,
but it’s heterosexual pride day…


i loved ( x the responses ) tho.

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18 thoughts on “It’s Heterosexual Pride Day!”

  1. If it is not white people wanting to be oppressed, then it is the straights. I never remember them having to get their marriages approved or them being afraid to come out to their parents. Shit like this pisses me off. GTFOH.

  2. This is being blown out of proportion and showing how our people (maybe not ours, but the whites) are being selfish. If the straights want to have a Hetero Pride Day, it is hurting no one, just like gay pride is not. Their are more important issues and some of the comments can be considered as bullying which the gays love to cry to be a victim of. (SMH)

    1. Exactly.

      I just want literal statistics of people that have actually lost their jobs or homes they owned or were paying rent for because they were gay.

      1. No shade, but a simple Google search will show you all those statistics. Discrimination because someone is gay is real. It is well documented.

        Hetero Pride say did not come to fruition because the straights felt a sudden burst of immense pride for their sexuality. It was created in DIRECT OPPOSITION to gay pride (Just like #AllLivesMatter). To silence and dismiss some of the REAL issues that gay people celebrate overcoming.

        This IS an important issue, because people are still DYING simply bc they are gay. Orlando literally happened like two weeks ago. How soon we forget….

      2. @ AtlAnonymous I agree. While I know that in other parts of the world, being gay is a lot more a “life or death” scenario, to act as if it isn’t a problem AT ALL here, is also ignorant. It’s almost akin to white people saying the same thing about black people about being able to get employment. “You have equity rights that forces employers to choose black people (or women or other visible minorities) over ‘qualified’ workers SIMPLY BECAUSE you’re black” -which is a common argument, not knowing that they’re overlooking the fact that there have always been competent minorities to fill these rolls that were simply being picked over BECAUSE they were a minority or a woman, and the fact that these laws are even needed in the first place PROVES how faulty the system was without them. It’s just flawed.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if many employers won’t even hire someone because of their sexuality, much like many might not hire us because we’re black, or whatever random senseless reason they don’t want to hire you. They won’t admit it, but we know it’s true, and they don’t have to justify it. They can fire you for the same reasons, and they’ll disguise it with some other excuse to avoid lawsuits.

    2. You might have a point, but this screams something similar like #AllLivesMatter.

  3. I read on Towelroad today that six black gay men in the Ivory Coast have been forced to flee their homes after the U.S. Embassy posted a photo of them signing a book of Condolences for Pulse Shooting Victims.The photo was captioned members of the LGBT community sign condolences book.Their families didn’t know they were gay.

    When we, heterosexuals,are forced to flee our homes because we are heterosexual and fear for our safety than I will celebrate Heterosexual Day.When heterosexual teens are sent to conversion camps here in this country to change their sexual orientation ,I will celebrate Heterosexual Day.When gay men start attacking heterosexual couples for showing PDA and flaunting their sexuality than I will celebrate Heterosexual Day.

    1. Um… That show is to much of a tease for me and I need to see without the blur spots and had to put it on my shows to not watch.

  4. @AtlAnonymous: I actually just did and I wish I hadn’t. The studies were asinine and reeked of bias.

    1. Lol. You need to be checking peer reviewed research in reputable journals JAY. All available on Google, nonetheless. That should eliminate some of the bias.

      I shoulda been more specific.

  5. Lol pathetic. They remind me of White people who cry about BET and wanting to have a “WET awards”. It’s just ignorant & petty. These ignorant people don’t know there’s a history behind the celebrations of “Pride” and “Black history month” etc. and that history isn’t so pretty. A lot of lives were cut short through those journeys to get to where we are today having celebrations, and there’s STILL a long way to go. White straight men are probably the biggest offenders to this. They’re so used to the world being suited for them that they have no idea of what it feels like to be on the other end of the spectrum.


    1. Yup! This is why having a Straight “Pride” parade is a joke and a problem. I personally don’t think the parades themselves are super significant but what they represent about social privileges are much more important. People that don’t like the parades don’t have to go, or even like these celebrations, but we should all recognize the core purpose of having these celebrations in the first place. This goes for cultural celebrations as well. I personally don’t go to Caribana but I appreciate it’s sentiment.

      WET is pointless, Straight pride is pointless, nor do they make much sense. They can do whatever they want but what are they accomplishing in doing this? Other than sticking it to every minority out there.

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