Jessie T. Usher Is The New “It” Actor Wolf on The Prowl

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.55.36 PMcan we talk about jessie t. usher?
okay good.
i been wanting to talk about him for a minute.
so jessie is an actor wolf and the star of “survivor’s remorse”.
he is also in “independence day: resurgence.
well i have been sniffin’ him out lowkey,
but he has been flooding my foxy senses as of late.
i think this wolf is very handsome

…and he has wolf swagg for days.


you know how much i luh dat.
let’s a quick run down on jessie:

175 lbs

hometown: maryland

jessie appeared on “wendy” yesterday and well:

…you can sign me right on up.
i love his personality.
he reminds me of the class clown.
the one who is always flirting with you by doing dumb shit,
but the only issue is he acts way too immature to be full time bae.
so you finally give in and he becomes your lowkey fwb.
you know the types i’m talmbout.

giphy-149you can catch jessie on season 3 of “survivor remorse”,
sundays at 10pm.
“independence day: resurgence” is out in theaters now.
he will also be in “this christmas”:

i really want to see ^this one.

lowkey: he had a sex scene in “survivor’s remorse” that turned me on…

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*all photos credited: jessie t usher | amanda demme

36 thoughts on “Jessie T. Usher Is The New “It” Actor Wolf on The Prowl

  1. Yes, all that! Spoke with him on a couple of social media spots b4 the big break…only congratulatory convo only….I’m sorry the radar is going ballistic on this one. Seems to me every episode he does sumpthin more and more “tell, tell”… u guys check out that walk of his,tho. We all saw him on Wendy…sounds to me like he kinda tried to pull a jussie smollet like on Ellen. Love Survivor’s Remorse, tho.

  2. If you could be invisible you would walk around naked. How freakn stupid was that answer. If your azz is invisible how would anyone know if you are naked or not.

  3. FINALLY ….I said he can’t act nor is he straight…he was talking to Wendy and said the obligatory…”girrrrrl’..during girlfriend talk with Wendy. And yes, Wendy is just learning the game now and not calling him out. But in the meantime, where does he hang out at….I’d give him the bussy like no ones business….lol!!

  4. I keep watching for that one “straight” bone in his body and I just not see it. I mean maybe when his dick is hard but I by that even curves. He is cute and his body is sick…but aren’t most gay guys like that lol

  5. I am sitting here howling after seeing him on the Wendy Williams clip that was posted. I wish I wouldnt have read these comments before I watched it, but yeah you all might be on to something, but I am going to wait and see, maybe it is just that he grew up in LA but he most def makes me say hmmmm……..

  6. Bi all the way…if there’s a tart nearby at all….we should see her soon….but I doubt it. I saw Wendy’s radar beepin, too…lolol

    1. Honestly, I don’t know if he’s gay or not, but Wendy’s gaydar is always beeping…….

      1. Any man that doesn’t want Wendy is gay. She is one of them train wrecks. Imma call him gay just because.

    1. In terms of acting, his character is the weakest link on the show…and he’s supposed to be the star.

  7. Wolf? LOL 😆 That child is gay as Richard Simmons. Apparently many of you didn’t see him on Wendy Williams show. Go to youtube and for yourselves.

    Btw, he was horrible in the Independence Day film.

  8. Jesus! That man is fine. He is pretty much a splitting imagine of that African roommate I had at one time. Lawd

  9. On another note I was flipping channels and saw a show “F in Fabulous” on BET. Please someone watch and tell me about it because I cant

    1. That show reminds of of Eva Marcille and friends show (About the business.. I think that is the title). F in Fabulous seems to be the exact same premise.

  10. He’s attractive, but he can’t act.

    Him and Michael B. Jordan have to fucking the right people.

    A talented, young. black actor hasn’t come along in while.

    1. You might have a shot, because he’s def GAY. Wendy Williams almost clocked him, when he was like “gurrll…” LMAO she gave him a pass though

  11. Wayment..he gives off gay to mean…”shout out to the fellas” and pointing like that….he is cute and from my home county so I’m going to have to snoop around…

    1. @Tony,

      You are not the only one that has picked up on his feminine mannerisms that he has.

  12. OMG…I think he sucks on Survivors Remorse!!
    He cute and all…but both him and RonReaco have me going hmmm. LOL

    1. thank you Christian. He be sound liking he reading from cue cards on Survivor’s Remorse. And he doesn’t even show any skin below the waist. lol

      1. I do remember a shower scene and then….the very first or second episode when that groupie rode him out on the couch…that shyt was hot….but something in me said…hmmm…something unattached bout dat…like he’s wishin it was a dude….lolol Reaco, too..hell,

    2. I’m with you, Christian, my man! Iv’e always had a 6th sense about Mr. Reaco… And Mr. Bombshell NewComer, too…..believe me, gaydar’ don’t lie, bruh

  13. I dig dude. His swag is always on point. I give him 5 stars! Survivors Remorse is my shit! But the say the movie is wack sauce. He’s a good actor though. Reminds me of a young Hollywood Will Smith.

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