Ochocinco Wants To Put Us In Check

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does chad “ochocino” johnson have a point?
he may.
i know one thing tho…

why can’t we just be thankful jesse williams is fighting for us?
why can’t kendrick and jesse be woke and speak up together?why is it this big debate about jesse’s intentions?

giphyyou don’t know the shit i’ve been hearing these last few days.

he has a white parent
he light skint
he is a doctor on a show dating a snow bunny

my thing is we should be glad,
hell ecstatic,
someone is out here speaking up for “us”.
someone is putting their career on the line to speak on our injustices.
kendrick and j cole been both been woke.
beyonce got her shit together and she is doing it through her music now.

tumblr_o7wvm3RmUC1tqakyso2_540i’m sure there are many more,
but jesse used a major platform to do it.
it worked.
it had all of our attention.
some of you sure the hell ain’t saying nothing.
some of “us” too damn comfortable chasing white approval.
i can see why this is shocking.
i guess it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t,
but when some racial shit goes down,
everyone gonna be screaming for leadership.

help us!”

don’t turn to taylor swift and justin timberlake to fight that good fight now.
i don’t get it.

19 thoughts on “Ochocinco Wants To Put Us In Check

  1. People are making a big deal about Jessie and his speech because he is light skinned. However, in this case Chad is referring to Kendrick not receiving his props on his stand regarding racial issues in comparison to the praise Jessie is getting. This is the other side of the coin. Is it possible that people are now “woke” because a man of a lighter complexion is touching on the issue? You never know because it is possible. People can talk about black people being at a disadvantage all they want, but let’s not act like there is not division within our race either.

  2. Ocho needs to sit down and shut up. His ass wasn’t talking like this when he was “relevant” and pulling in the big bucks. You heard crickets from his ass on matters like this, but very vocal on other immaterial/minute things.
    As they say, bitch bye! Lol

    1. What is it with Black k people that they can never support their own. They just always have to find a fault somewhere. It’s pure decide and. Conquer. Each of us have a role to play, none is more important than the other. Give credit where do. Lawd have mercy..some Black people really are like crabs in a barrel.

  3. TPAB is my favorite album for so many reasons, dealing with a wide range of problems in America that we as a ppl go thru, of being successful, of falling into the traps set for all ppl of any race and finding one’s self as a black man and many many more. So while Chad is right, Kendrick was not the first and certainly is not the only one. However as you may already know the backlash for Jesse is coming from the fact that we as a ppl have a history of pointing out a flaw in everything. Not every black person, but there are almost certainly going to be a few who will point out something like his lite skin or half-heritage. In fact, like you pointed out yesterday, you will notice that a lot of times it’s the half-white and lite skin ppl that tend to be very vocal about being black in America and our problems (ex. J-cole who is another who draws major attention to things like cultural appropriation). I believe that a lot of it stems from them truly seeking black approval as opposed to white. Perhaps it stems from self-searching, perhaps from other black ppl teasing them saying that their not black, or from still experiencing racism no matter how lite, bright or half white they are. So I am not surprised that ppl are giving him this backlash. Some ppl just need to realize that attention to the problems that we are going thru is not exclusive to a certain type of celebrity or a few bodies of work. These are messages that need to be reinforced in society for the generations to come b/c we need to do something about them.

  4. I believe I missed the memo where Chad 85 was “woke”. I’ll just take his comments on the matter with a grain of salt…

  5. I have never heard Kendrick Lamar’s record because I rarely listen to rap music.I am sure there are millions of people who heard Jesse’s speech or watched Beyonce’ performance who will never listen to Kendrick’s record.What harm is there in reaching a different audience.

  6. Now more than ever as we come upon a national election that may very well decide our fate as black people living in the hells of North America, we need our community woke and sentient. I don’t feel it matters who in our community delivers the message of positivity to black people as long as its done with sincerity for the community. We need to take notice of what’s going on and if we can get our children and the youth recognizing our plight via music and social media then suffer it to be so. But we also must be cognizant of those who speak out for personal, political, and economic gain. We call them traitors.

  7. The bet awards were carefully orchestrated to deliver a message…trust it wasn’t about the struggles about the community. It was a 3 hour advertisement to bring back their audience they lost. The tributes were amazing. The messages wereally on point but tall know the bet awards have been garbage for years along with the networks programming. This was a way to bring the audience back and to make money for viacom…who owns bet. Why else would it have aired on nickelodeon. Black dollars matter to them..not lives

    1. You could literally make that same argument for EVERY cause that exists. Ever.

      If BET can provide a platform for this cause, and they happen to make money in the process….well….welcome to American Capitalism.

      The VMAs were aired on multiple channels as well. For the record.

    2. ^maybe they used jessie?
      they gave him the humanitarian award because they knew he would speak out?
      he didn’t look too excited to be there outside of that…

      1. Capitalized on the opportunity to get us back to bet. His speech was on the teleprompter which is fine. His message definitely needed to be heard. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

    3. Hmm..you may have a point there. The awards have been garbage for the past few years. For the first time in years, there was no Rihanna, Nicki, Drake or Chris, which really made it watchable for me.

  8. Kendrick Lamar got his due praise when released that album. Beyonce did too. This isn’t an US vs THEM issue. It’s weird that he would even suggest that. It’s funny, because Ochocinco has his OWN platform….and I have yet to hear him say anything similar to Kendrick OR Jesse.

    There will always be people in the peanut gallery shouting demands and instigating division…but when you check their resume…..NOTHING.


  9. @Jay,

    You are a logical thinker and you have to investigate or look into what reasons people are doing things sometime. We have to keep in mind who owns BET and that they already knew what he was going to do, this is no longer the channel that Bob Johnson owns and this may be considered as being a marketing move for the network and they chose him for the job. I have a side eye at Beyonce especially with that carved up face and all the surgeries, and some years ago hollering about her Creole heritage and didn’t talk about her black heritage. Their are many black leaders that are speaking up for us all, but they are not given the mass media marketing or access and Beyonce and Jessie has…

    1. ^jessie has been doing a lot of work outside of this tho.
      it’s not like he was some random who got up there and started spitting.
      this wolf has been down in the trenches speaking out…

  10. Agreed with this 100 percent besides its not like Kendrick was the first rapper to make music addressing these issues.

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