guess who is performing at the 2022 super bowl…

i don’t have cable to keep up with sports these days.
i know i was all eyes watching the nba last season tho.
that season was a wash,
but the finals

I wanted to see if Brooklyn would have brought home the ring.

kd showed up and got performance anxiety.
is it wrong to think the knicks winning the ring would have hit more?
everyone who isn’t a sports fanatic looks forward to watching the superbowl halftime show.
that is when our selected favorites pull out their best for their career upgrades.
they announced who will be performing this year on nfl’s twitter

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the following is not “alright” (young black republican leaders)

 there is a whole nother type of animal out there.
ones that don’t think or behave like you do.
when i saw this following video,
i automatically felt sick.
so i didn’t know about the “YBRL”.


sounds like “ew”.
they went to a conference trump rally over the weekend,
got pumped off whatever he was talmbout,
and brought kendrick lamar into it.
is what they posted on twitter
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Pineapples At A Kendrick Lamar Concert

ya know,
whenever i see white folks lip syncing to hiphop songs,
i low-key cringe.
i wait to see if “pineapple” would come out their mouth.
(for those who are new:
pineapple in the foxhole is “n*gga”)

it was interesting to see them rapping along to “pineapples in paris”.
kendrick lamar learned when he invited a snow bunny on stage.
this is what happened via “the grape vine”

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My Latest Album Rotation Has Been Keeping Me High

the music nowadays has been keeping me really self reflective.
that is how i like it.
so when the following album came out,
i was up on it
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RG3 Is Woke

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.19.43 PMkendrick lamar is…
words cannot describe.
he performed “blacker the berry”/”alright” off his amazing album,
“to pimp a butterfly”,
last night at the grammys.

we were all at attention and had all the whites in shock in the audience.
baller wolf for the redskins,
seemed to really enjoy the performance.
he is now up and awake.
this is what he posted on his instagram
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