Flashman Wade Has Something To Show You

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.20.14 PMwhat’s been going on with flashman wade?
i see he is now living in cali.
emerging out of “attentionisto” to “chasing your dreams” ain’t easy.
well flashman wants us to see what he is up to…

oh my.
well i guess he had to keep a little bit of that attentionisto.
i was gonna ask why is he in his drawz around all those eyes,
but then i saw it was for a photo shoot.
he is always in a photo shoot tho.
i hope this portfolio is taking him to higher heights.
i will say
he looks like the type who would make a good sugar baby.
the type to masquerading as a “pool boy”,
but fuckin the breaks off some rich older snow bunny.

lowkey: has his tail always been that big?
i did like this video:

he is has a lot of stamina.
we like a wolf with a lot of stamina.

* videos and pictures credited: flashman wade

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Has Something To Show You”

  1. When I saw the video I wanted to rush to the gym so badly!! I need to get thick like that 🙁

      1. Glad there’s people like that out there… It seems like everyone goes gaga for these bodybuilder types & it’s hard for me to bulk up like that because I’m a naturally lean guy

  2. Ok, I’m gonna say it. Did he rally have to go and do that a children’s playground?!
    Those kids see him doing that stuff…what are they going to do? They’re going to try and copy him…and get injured in the process. Not a good place to try and show off Wade.

    1. I honestly thought this was weird too. It’s just awkward, mostly for the kids, here they are trying to play and this man is hijacking their spot lol.

      It would have been better if he found an empty one.

      That ass looks delicious though, can’t even front! DAMN! I don’t think he’d be my type to entertain, but he is sexy af.

    1. LMAO…BOTH of those dudes were checking him out! The black guy AND the white guy in the background.

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