Jessie T. Usher Is The New “It” Actor Wolf on The Prowl

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.55.36 PMcan we talk about jessie t. usher?
okay good.
i been wanting to talk about him for a minute.
so jessie is an actor wolf and the star of “survivor’s remorse”.
he is also in “independence day: resurgence.
well i have been sniffin’ him out lowkey,
but he has been flooding my foxy senses as of late.
i think this wolf is very handsome
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So I May Have A New Show: “Survivor’s Remorse”

Survivor's Remorse 2014

i am late on this new show called “survivor’s remorse” on starz.
can we talk about how starz is home to all the great black programming now?
well this show was executive produced by king james.
king james of the now defunct miami heat.
a brief synopsis about the show:

From the streets of North Philadelphia, Survivor’s Remorse centers on basketball star Cam Calloway’s (Jessie T. Usher) rise to professional stardom and maintaining financial comfort, to avoid being another statistic of superstars going broke. When you’re in your early twenties with millions in a bank account, it’s hard to shy away from luxurious living in a different world – being in a new tax bracket.

Now that young Killa Cam has finally made it out the hood, he’s having a hard time of making an adjustment by not forgetting but progressing with his closest family, friends and associates he’s taking care of. Women, extortion and criminal acts are some the situations you’ll come across.

about baller wolves?
i’m interested.
now lets watch episode 1 and 2 down below…
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