the black president of a major college, is allegedly on grindr, and moving like the criminally insane?

we truly don’t know people until a scandal about them erupts.
i always like to believe people have three sides.

The one they show the public
The one they show their close family and friends
The ones they show themselves when they’re alone

we look at social media posts,
professional accolades,
and their intimate relationships,
and think that’s who they are.
everyone has secrets.
dr. kevin rome sr.,
the president of fisk university,
is another whose mask might have been yoinked off for 2020.
he finds himself in a weird alleged gay entanglement,
even while being married to a whole woman via “scoop nashville“…

A Nashville magistrate signed an order of protection against Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. after a man claimed he met Rome via the gay dating app Grindr and testified Rome had drugged him, threatened to kill him and destroyed his apartment. Rome has been placed on leave from the university.

On August 7th, Magistrate Chris Hofstetter signed a Petition for Orders of Protection against Fisk University President Doctor Kevin Rome Senior. The petitioner claimed to be President Rome’s former intimate partner and that he was afraid for his safety. The order states that the pair spent the night together in May after hooking up via the gay dating app Grindr.

He also claimed Dr. Rome, who he knew as “Rob” showed up on his doorstep a week later on May 14th, somehow skirting security. The statement claims that Rome drugged him with Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, better known as GHB or the date-rape drug, before inviting people into his home for a night of drugs and sex. The alleged victim confronted Rome after noticing a closet belonging to his landlord had been broken into and some of his own possessions came up missing.

A man he recognized from that very night threatened him on August 6th with a message from “Rob”. The message warned the petitioner to “stay away from his people” and that he would be killed if he “continued to date black men”.

He also testified that the messenger confessed to vandalizing his apartment between June 14th and 15th. The vandalization included burglary, “homophobic things” written on the walls and sewage damage from the plumbing being sabotaged.

The alleged victim has been living in a hotel since his home was broken into and believes that President Kevin Rome’s motivation was jealously from him dating Rome’s ex. The order of protection claims the man is “terrified to leave” his home due to “the threat on my (his) life”. He swore to the fact that he believes Dr. Rome will kill him.

this is a very bizarre story,
but i have a few questions.

  • They spent one night together and allegedly Dr. Rome went insane?
  • Why did the alleged victim let this one nighter back in his spot,
    bypassed their security,
    allowed themselves to be drugged?
    That is a cause for concern…
  • They were allegedly dating?
    It seemed like they fucked (maybe twice?).
    And why would he “sleep with the enemy”?
  • So this random dated an alleged ex and Dr. Rome went through all this trouble in a fit of jealous rage?
    break ins,
    and notes saying “stay away from my people”?
    In risk of ruining his career reputation,
    his marriage,
    and all that he has worked for?

this is dr. rome’s alleged grindr pic:

something is off with this story and i don’t particularly believe it.

Why would the president of a college move so sloppy?

it reads like fiction to me.
now am i inclined to believe he was on grindr?
this is not our first time at the rodeo in regards to stories like this.
see: andrew gillum.
in my head
the accuser may have gotten a good smashing from a bbc,
found out the smasher was powerful,
smasher wasn’t interested in anything past that,
and the accuser decided to ruin his reputation.
this all alleged btw.
dr. rome claims all these allegations are false via “the grio“:

Jay Steed, who is representing Rome, said that Rome intended to fight the case in court to clear his good name, and thanked his supporters.

“It is important to note that these are merely civil accusations. Dr. Rome has not been charged with any crime. Dr. Rome is most concerned for his family, friends, and the community at Fisk University for any harm they are experiencing as a result of these spurious charges.

“He expresses his deepest thanks to all those who have reached out to him over the past few days expressing their support,” Steed said in a statement to News 4.

foxhole lets keep updated in this story.
i feel i’m right.

lowkey: folks are crazy af out here,
but this story is set up weird to me.

article cc: scoop nashville | the grio

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

57 thoughts on “the black president of a major college, is allegedly on grindr, and moving like the criminally insane?”

  1. When I first read it on Towleroad I didn’t believe it, but after reading more including the restraining order application I’m 50/50 in terms of believing it.It will be easy to prove if his(accuser) boyfriend is the President’s ex.(text messages,pics) The President has already shown he is willing to risk it all by being on Grindr in his position.He is married and a university President posting his real pic on Grindr.One of his students could have seen the pic and outed him.

  2. I don’t know why this story reminds me of that guy that ram for gov of Florida but lost. He then screwed himself by being found in a room naked n drunk with a gay porn escort.His name escapes me at the moment. I can’t think that some of these guys want to be caught. I don’t know if it’s due to their fringe of guilt or’s crazy to even put their photo on a site such as Grindr.

    1. His name is Andrew Gillum.Jamari mentioned him in the post when he said this is not our first time at the rodeo in terms of stories like this.

  3. I’m not gonna lie I’m always on the black persons side until concrete evidence is produced soooooo I believe Dr. Rome!

    1. I believed him too. And I am always on the black man’s side despite being white. This is not about race. Its basic as fuck. Its sad. It’s addiction. Meth does not give a shit about color or power. It simply destroys everything and everyone.

  4. In my honest opinion….I truly believe that these people see African American males that are holding titles in high places…And they’re doing everything thing in their power to bring them down and sabotage their lives and families!! And I just don’t believe the guy would put his actual picture one Grinder knowingly there are students at the university who uses the app.

    1. I never knew he was in any position of power. His race had zero to do with the TRO. His conduct was the only factor. Don’t make this sad ass situation about race. I have been out since I was 16. I will never apologize for my attraction to black males and its not in a bbc way. It’s a love Thang…

      1. Adam: i don’t believe that no more than you. If it were not due to RACE solely, then it was most assuredly due to his high position and status (and he had the nerve to be a black man) so race DEFINITELY played a part in your FANTASTIC fairytale that you’ve woven. Usually, and personally, these types of incidences i.e. SCANDALS are instigated by those that feel somehow DISAPPOINTED or UPSET by someone or something and thus USE this types of measures to EXACT REVENGE. Hello Adam, am I at home plate buddy LOL 😁😁. This seems to be a rather common activity within segments of certain communities both traditional and ALTERNATIVE. If they feel HURT in any social situation, minor or major, — they will OUT YOU or HURT YOU, and sometimes both. Traditionally, WOMEN have been known to do this, quite OFTEN in relationships. Men are sometimes guilty of this too. In this particular instance, I REST MY CASE!!

        1. Oh wow. I’m glad you got to vent your sideways views through this venue. They do not apply to me. Dr Rome contacted me through Grindr. He used the alias “Rob”. I did know that he was black. He would not have been invited over otherwise. Once again, I will not apologize or be shamed for my attraction to black men. I did not know he was in any position of power. After my home was destroyed, an investigation began. This investigation turned up many things including Dr.Kevin Rome of Fisk posing as alias “Rob” on Grindr to obtain access and destroy my life because I was currently with his ex. All that other shit you threw up in the post seems to be a personal reflection on yourself. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even you snow-bunny haters.

  5. lord these married people stay in more mess than single people with nothing to lose. does anybody ever just go home and chill. always got to be out and about. sit down somewhere.

  6. I feel like a married HBCU president would be hella discreet, cuz he has so much to lose. Likely with someone else that also has a lot at stake. I can’t see him fooling with trade in Grindr & using his real picture. Then again, we have Andrew Gillum (which I also believe was a setup).

    Also, leave them snow queens alone! Lol

      1. I agree 100% @Normie. If the last three years has taught me anything, it’s that these men don’t deserve too much credit. While the story is insane, at the end of the day this is another less than straight man who refuses to live honestly. Living honestly isn’t easy, but it pays off in the long run. Also, why do these men insist on being married if they don’t’ believe in monogamy???

  7. Sextoys and augmented reality with a 5g connection, all of this will end. Log in, get some sentiporn, get off, go about your business.

  8. Not a smart man if he actually put a face picture on grindr. The accuser entire claim is based upon hearsay.

  9. Oh Fisk’…typical…Hell’ half the student body on there. Fish us like the hub area for link ups, hang outs etc…kinda like MooreHouse. He should move a bit more discreetly tho…thats just wise. Could create a conflict of leadership…and professionalism…..I guess.

  10. As an alumnus of Fisk and a gay man, we have got to do better about ourselves. I agree with the poster that said “why can’t people just go sit down”, LOL. I also worked there and we didn’t have these kind of shenanigans. I love my school and what it stands for but I’m watching this closely…

  11. Tsk tsk tsk…Fisk Fisk Fisk… we will definitely be watching how this all unfolds. I am hoping Dr. Rome was not that sloppy like SERIOUSLY, what kind of dick and ass are these dudes throwing out there and in the midst of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC no less. I would think they had more receipts than hearsay, he said-he said in order to grant the restraining order but then again maybe the magistrate takes joy in taking down a black man who is the president of an HBCU. Dr. Rome’s statement is that he doesn’t even know who this person is and the identity has not been revealed yet TIME will TELL like all TEA. I am not happy and honestly no one wins in stories like these. The optics alone are disheartening! SMDH

  12. I didn’t really think about this before but I saw a comment on a blog questioning why his attorney didn’t include,”My client does not know this individual.” in the statement.Maybe there’s a legal reason,the less you say the better.Also I don’t know if the attorney released the statement first or if Dr.Rome spoke to news station first.

  13. Fisk has nothing to do with this, it’s Dr. Rome’s alleged mess. I think there probably is a love triangle involving the Prez, the white boy (why?) and the ex boyfriend. That would explain all the drama. Some of it is really over the top, though. I mean, GHB and running a train on somebody for revenge? Stealing? Death and racial threats?

    Chile, doesn’t a university president, especially one in office right now, have more than enough to worry about? What about the falling revenues, Covid-19 challenges? And since this supposedly happened during May and June, during this pandemic, was the Dr. being totally reckless in his hookups?

    1. Fisk has everything to do with this. They were his endbler that covered many of his previous outrageous behaviors. FISK could have stopped this man before he entered my life.

  14. I had just got home from Atl and went to my Neighbors home with a business idea. My neighbor was getting his haircut by a barber. I fell deeply in love with this Barber. I had zero knowledge that this was Dr. Rome’s Dude. Zero. For that matter, I had zero knowledge of who Dr. Rome was. I am way beyond my days of following the coming and goings of local Universities. The next day, I texted the barber to thank him for the haircut during Coronavirus. I waited a few more days and invited him over to my loft. We spent the next 72 hours getting to know each other. There was zero sex involved but a lot of making out and intimacy. I am currently aware that during those 72 hours, the barber was in constant contact with “dr.rome” He was glorifying me as a wealthy white man with a 5 story bar. The Barber was using me as a tool to heighten His stock to Dr. Rome, which at the time I was unaware of completely. Yes, I lived in a 3 thousand square ft loft over looking the city. Yes, I had an amazing bar. Facts. I worked my ass off on Broadway slinging drinks for tourist 18 hours a day. The bar was a reflection of my career. I am also a level 3 sommelier working on my Masters. Nonetheless, I was glorified relentlessly by this barber to Dr. Rome. My gut instinct told me to cut off the 72hours due to the conversation going in a strange direction. The Barber left but invited me to his place for his birthday. I ghosted the Barber mainly because I did not understand why I was so drawn to him. I did not go to his birthday. He relentlessly pursued me via every gay social site as well as text. It was during this break that a blank profile that only said discrete 36 black male contacted me via Grindr which was also a blank profile. He sent me his photo, and said he was a businessman in town from Chicago but also had a place here. I was fucking lonely as hell as the entire industry I worked in was shut down. He showed up as “Rob” and was very curious about every detail of my life. He conducted business in my home. Then we began to have sex. He could not perform and asked if he could smoke. I took that as weed. It was Meth. He got high and Sketchy, yelling at an alleged secretary at one point. He became paranoid about his BMW being on Hume. I allowed him to park in my private garage. He started begging me to find him more Meth. I diffused the situation and he erratically backed out of my garage claiming he was using gps and cameras to drive. I informed him that the gps probably was not working. He gave me his number and asked for mine as he left for he claimed that he was never on the apps. Meanwhile, the barber is still pursuing me. A week later, “Rob” calls my number and says he is at my door with a friend. I went to the door and asked him how he got in and he claimed the exterior security doors were open. He pulled out a syringe and put it to my mouth and plunged away while saying this is that good oil based shit referring to G. He then dosed the guy he came with. He invited others over not to have sex with me but him. I did not have sex with anyone that night. I was G’d in and out and cleaning up shit all over my bedroom from “rob “ cramming one of my Dildos down the guys ass that he brought with him while guy was begging him to stop. My landlord kept a closet on the top floor that was broken into. My possessions were stolen. Rob called a fixer to extract him from the party he created. I told him he had to take everyone with him which he did not want. Once I got some sleep and woke up did I realize the closet was broken into, and many items stolen. I called and texted Rob to which his reactions were ridiculous. He texted me the next day asking for meth dealer contacts. I blocked him. Meanwhile, the barber is pursuing me and I gave in and went to his house a fell deeply in love with this dude. I divulged all the details about “Rob” to which he apologized and said I was set up. He never divulged the real identity of Rob. We began an exclusive relationship while unbeknownst to me, Dr. Rome was doing everything to get him back. Dr. Rome did show for his birthday and his behavior is what the barber claims as to why he cut it off. On a night while I was at the barbers home, my place was broken into, move fag was written on the walls, water was flooding from above and items were stolen. I had zero clue as to who did this. I eventually cut it off with the barber due to trusts issues. I was living in a hotel at the time. At the beginning of August, I went by barbers home to check on him and get some closure. He quickly escorted me out which was okay. It was a few days later when the fixer that showed to get “rob” out of the party he created approached me making statements referring to my place being destroyed by “buddy” and references to “rob” killing my ass if I did not leave his people alone. “Buddy was a nickname my ex used to refer to “rob” After a conversation with a North Nashville resident did I realize the true identity of this insane man and Fisk University assigning him a fixer. My home was destroyed. I was robbed and threatened. I had no choice but to get a restraining order against this sick fucker who the Board at Fisk has been his accomplice hiding and fixing previous entanglements. Fisk could have stopped this man long ago.
    You ask, why would he break into my place. jealous rage for sure. But, he sure stole my server that was hidden in the service area located next to the sewer main pipe that the cap was removed.

    That camera footage of him raping that man with a dildo while begging him to stop was probably more motivating than jealousy.

    I hate misinformation. The man is sick and a dangerous meth head who commits ridiculous crimes. I never claimed he raped me or invited or people to rape my while on G.

    I want Mr Rome to be held accountable for his behaviors.

    I want to walk the streets of Nashville without worrying about one of his fixers threatening me on his behalf. I want him to leave me the fuck alone forever.

    This is not about gay , straight , black , white . No it’s way more basic.

    It’s about right versus wrong. It’s about the insanity of Meth addiction and all the enablers and accomplices that go along with it. It is sad. Very sad.

    Victim of Dr. Rome

    1. This is…Wow. @jamari you see this?

      A hot ass mess and im trying to wrap my head around it because this is next level crazy.

      I’m really interested in where this story is going now

      1. call and ask Dr.Rome’s alias Rob. This is the Chicago number he used to create destruction in many lives. 7732346136. The entire truth is within those phone records.

        1. Wow i came across this page by total accident looking for an update.
          I just want to say you can NEVER vouch for anyone else’s character. You never know what people can be capable of. Its bad all around for the victim and friends/family of Rome. Honestly, this society as a whole need to find out how to be better people regardless of orientation.

  15. I am hella confused. Hard not to believe with these types of details. @Jamari please do an exclusive with @Adam. I got a ton of questions.

    1. No need for confusion. Its really very simple. DR.Rome is a meth head. The details, text messages, security footage, call records are going to save me from this meth addicted triple life leading insane and messy fool. Meth is a hell of a drug that does not care who you are. It causes insanity in everyone. It also takes out and destroys businesses, universities, families. And bystanders. 90 percent of the 400 jail inmates in the LA county LGBT pods admit their crimes are directly related to Meth.

  16. This topic has been done to death. Purely nonsensical babble that would hold no weight in court. Throw it out.

    But then again, this wouldn’t be the first time someone used sex as a weapon to excute their main goal. There seems to be plenty of people who have no attachment with sex these days but meh…

    I highly doubt any self-respecting, married, man would allow himself to be fully visible on such a deplorable app like Grindr.

    It’s much easier to catfish pics from other social media pages and use it on Grindr tho. It’s quite easy to blackmail people in a number of ways by working around their Instagram pics, and digging for a little information.

    Of course there needs to be a motive for someone to do something so stupid beside being stupid themselves.

      1. Good for you. I hope all the evidence you’ve compiled shows ole “Rob” a thing or two about “stealing” away cohesive lives and turning them into nonsensical babble.

      2. I don’t understand how this forum would help your case. Help me tuh undastahn. Simply put, I don’t believe you, but I know that many people are shamed into leading double loves, because of the stigma of homosexuality.

          1. Or let’s ask him (if its really HIM) how much of the $1 million dollar civil lawsuit against the YMCA helped him pay for that “3 thousand ft loft overlooking the city” ????

        1. Seriously??? How can speaking up. Speaking loud. Speaking everywhere hurt my case? Silence is nothing other than a death sentence. The case is a restraining order. I am not litigating for money. My assets for outweigh Dr. Rome’s wildest dreams. I don’t want a penny from him. I want him to leave me the fuck alone. Yes, I filed a police report when I realized my home was broken into… but come on.. silence is deadly. Smh

  17. This is really messy, most of these stories are. Why does one of the people involved always has to go crazy though? From what I have seen it takes very little for people to lose it. For all that has happened, I hope the sex was good.

  18. @Adam Boswell, you have some explaining to do here; there is a pattern and calls in to question how you are able to pay for your lavish lifestyle…

    “The petitioner has previously accused a man of sexually assaulting him on three separate occasions at a Brentwood YMCA facility by groping his genitals in the men’s locker room. These incidents occurred between 2015 and 2016. The settlement details of that case were not made public, however, the YMCA removed the accused person from their membership.” Source:

    Adam Boswell v. Young Men’s Christian Association of Middle Tennessee

    I smell something, and it smells like a SETUP!!!!

    1. Simple explanation. Gays had zero rights in TN. This was before the Supreme Court gave rights to all gays. I worked out at the YMCA in conservative as Williamson county. I filed many complaints about the man putting his hands on me in the locker room. They did nothing. I filed a police report. Nothing . The YMCA sent an email to my family account detailing all of my complaints. It was read by my brother who is straight and became infuriated and he filed suit against all parties: we lost. We took it to the Supreme Court of appeals and lost again. The waiver you sign when you obtain membership relieves the YMCA of anything that happens on their premises. I received Nare a dollar and spent in the six figures fighting those assholes. Suing Jesus in the South was a losing battle. All facts. My lifestyle was afforded by my hustling as a bartender on Broadway. Facts.

      1. Exactly and the operative word is “HUSTLING” … most victims don’t return to the scene of a place where they were victimized MULTIPLE TIMES and most victims don’t scour the Internet defending themselves when they are on various blogs if they are TRULY the VICTIM but hey to each is own and I wish you the best; play safe out there in them streets!

        The full audio recordings of your court trials are actually online and I just listened to a couple of them. SMDH

        How long before the civil lawsuit against Fisk University is filed? #AskingForAFriend

        1. So, your persecuting a man for holding others accountable for behaviors that are harmful? So, you prefer, I do nothing. Allow some old ass white man to grab my cock in the locker room . Allow some university president destroy, threaten , and Rob me. You want me to sit idle by like a bitch am take it.

          So, i just made all this shit up. Adam Boswell, son of Dr. James Boswell. Nephew of Teddy Boswell. Warhol collector. Trust Fund Receiver.

          I see, I must be doing it for the money because I’m broke. Hmmm.

          Ever thought of maybe doing the right thing and speaking up was possible.

          Ever thought of the young black males that he preyed on with addiction and mental health issues. They could never go up against him.

          I can. I will. This is nothing about race or power. I would not take a penny from Rome. His gorgeous wife and kids are going to need every penny to get away from him.

          Accountability is refreshing and freeing. I am no saint and own all my shit. No one is perfect.

          Why you want silence is stupid. Fisk ain’t got shit I want. I am too damn old to follow any collegiate bullshit.

          I stay in my lane and that is the lane of not turning a blind eye so he can continue his wrath. The hearing is on the 19th at 9:15, ininvite all to come hear the truth. Watch the footage. Hear the testimony. Quit being so stuck on the race card.
          Get on the right card. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

    2. Active imvestigations:

      State of Missouri- submitting bogus reimbursements. He blew through 200k in his short tenure at Lincoln U.

      Postmaster- mortgage fraud
      Tbi – hate crime
      FBI – defrauding Fisk

      What you smelling now? Still think I’m setting him up?

  19. @Adam Boswell, you have some explaining to do here; there is a pattern and calls in to question how you are able to pay for your lavish lifestyle…

    “The petitioner has previously accused a man of sexually assaulting him on three separate occasions at a Brentwood YMCA facility by groping his genitals in the men’s locker room. These incidents occurred between 2015 and 2016. The settlement details of that case were not made public, however, the YMCA removed the accused person from their membership.”

    See also… Adam Boswell v. Young Men’s Christian Association of Middle Tennessee

    I smell something, and it smells like a SETUP!!!!

    1. Hey Zeus, after my meeting with Fisk and security interior footage . Fisk fired the meth head. Guess it was all lies……..,.,,

  20. I am completely done with responding to comments and will leave you with one of my favorite quotes but forgive me for botching it cause I have been drinking “ Turning a blind eye , not speaking up , makes you an accomplice to the actual crime. “ The Only Original Queen “o” well before “bey”

    Signing off to all the race trolls. Wish you nothing but love. Everything is fighting their own battles, be nice to everyone.

  21. My last statement “dr Kevin Rome is a Meth head monster who conspired to destroy me. He defrauded me. He drugged me. He robbed me. He vandalized my home. He is a criminal and absolutely evil. Facts. If it was not true, Rome could sue me for defamation and win. God knows he needs money now that he was fired for all of the about facts. – the tea, nothing but the tea, and the entire fucking cup of tea

  22. Holy Shit! While the order sounds like fiction, I just saw the video that was sent to Fisk. It is like a bad movie. GHB, Meth, and orgy oh my! It appeared to be security footage in a massive bedroom. Many people coming and going all directed by the Dr. The victim seems to be just staring into space and at one point interjects to the Doc to take everyone and leave. The Doc is a bottom seems to be a seasoned pro. The footage also corresponds with every detail laid out in the order. The footage shows many people taking victims stuff and giving stuff to the Doc. It is crazier than the order itself.

  23. Why is someone not doing a documentary on Dr.Kevin Rome. There are so many elements that could be explored. 1) why black men seeking positions of power must be dL 2) the rise and fall of a powerful black man 3)when black me support Donald trump 4) using black lives matters to get away with insane crimes. 5) the Fisk cover up and pay out to Rome to leave .
    Y’all, someone needs to turn their phone camera on and make a documentary. Here is your chance to win an Academy.

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