amir yass allegedly didn’t [redacted] to michael b. jordan and got no lousy t-shirt

honesty hour:

If Michael B Jordan wanted me to [redacted],
guess who is gonna be buying knee pads?

you guessed it.
*raises hands*
i’d even throw in mints for the job.
(the foxes know what mints do when giving [redacted]…)
some of these folks out here can’t hold water so the forests would know.
amir yass,
should be named “niagra falls” because…

go to @58:40

via b-scott:

“He walked around in boxers and no shirt. He was so flirtatious. He would flirt with a wall. He would flirt with me, with everyone — he was such a flirt.” he said.

“I was in his closet and he was just like ‘Are we gonna kiss?’ ….yeah and I was like ‘Michael!’ and he was like, ‘I just like to josh around with you,’ Amir continued.

i love how he said his father told him to be professional,
but he is legit allegedly outing someone as their former help.
his dad would be so proud.
since he wanted to run that mouth,
he let this get away without…

he dumb dumb.
i can’t say i’d be that professional.

everyone is talking about his looks.
stop that right now.
there are some crypt keepers who are fuckin’ some of your favs.
looks have little to do with it.
sex isn’t always about looks.
it’s about who is available and wants to catch a nut.
in the dark,
everyone looks pretty much the same.

i don’t know if he’s lying,
because nothing really shocks me these days,
but i don’t see the purpose in revealing this info.
he fumbled the bag.

i guess he needed to make himself seem more interesting and desirable.
he failed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “amir yass allegedly didn’t [redacted] to michael b. jordan and got no lousy t-shirt”

  1. And people wanna be mad at Bey for making evebody and their aunty sign a NDA. People talk way too much:

  2. “I was young, I was in my 20’s.. ”

    ….but dude looks legit twice the age of MBJ. This isn’t adding up. Not age shaming, just trying to understand the timeline because it’s a bit askew to me…

  3. Well Jamari you can let your fantasy go cause Michael doesn’t like black girls and apparently the black boys aren’t his type either!

    1. Well imma have to disagree, he was pictured walking around with a fine piece of black chocolate.

      1. That women he was walking with is a actress on a project MBJ, has been hihgly critical of Black women and when he was walking with that Black women he was in still in a relationship with the white woman

  4. Jamari you not the only one that would have threw that professional shit out the window! If it was a test I would have took the bait & said fuck it that time!

    Btw folks get on my nerves can’t keep their fucking mouth shut! That’s something you & your bestie gab about not the fucking world!

  5. So…messy queen – one.

    Go to 58 minutes to hear that part – I’m not playing alla that.

    Listening to that part – he said that MJB was flirting with everyone. So, I take this with a huge grain of salt. I don’t think he was coming onto him; I also would not be surprised if MJB is bi. I would’ve return the flirtations just to see where things went – how serious he would be. Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

    1. He doing too much and as rule for #1 never spill the bean especially if you got that close as a “personal assistant”. I would bet the flirtation could be a case of bad judgement of using certain drugs.

  6. This was completely uncalled for. Personally, I don’t know what he gained from this except outing someone and blacklisting himself from getting to work close to any other celebrities, particularly men. Once word gets around that you are messy and can’t be trusted with private or confidential information, it’s basically a wrap for you. This also negates the stereotype that white guys don’t out people and aren’t messy.

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