Don’t You DARE Bend Me Over and Frisk Me

tumblr_lijlgziAvK1qd5dxyi’m all for a good role playing game of:
“the robber fox and the police wolf”
“catch the wanted wolf and then search him… with my mouth
that’s all fun and games in the bedroom,
but in real life,
the police are no joke.
i was visiting one of my favorite tumblrs,
and i saw this guide on how to handle the pigs.
i know ya’ll are quick to cuss them out.
i wont lie but i’m not the biggest fan of them.
real talk: that shit can land you in handcuffs.
this is how to deal with them correctly…

i always ask questions.
i don’t give a fuck.
you will not put your hands on me without a warrant.
you gotta remind them you not some dumb ass and you know your rights.
now you can put your hands on me during playtime:
“i won’t resist daddy!
no, i won’t resist daddy!”

source: megahitsensation

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Don’t You DARE Bend Me Over and Frisk Me”

  1. We talk about stop and frisk all the time in class. Lots of people don’t know their rights. Glad I don’t live in NY.

    1. ^yeah they are no joke with stop and frisk.
      you could be wearing a suit and looking like a business man,
      they will try to fuck with you.
      it has never happened to me thankfully,
      but i know some dudes it has.

  2. Great post, Jamari. A good reference for brothers. You never know when the pointers might come in handy. Key is to remain calm and not make any sudden moves. Remaining calm and resisting the urge to tell them off, even when they’re in the wrong, can save a lot of headache. I’ve avoided moving violation tickets by being polite. Bottom line: you don’t want to get arrested or shot.

  3. I live in Louisiana. With that being said, every time any black person gets stopped down here, they go from modern-day African-American to house slave in 1.5 seconds. OHHHH yessa massa! Got my insurance cahhhd right chere’ sir! LOLOLOL!

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