Don’t You DARE Bend Me Over and Frisk Me

tumblr_lijlgziAvK1qd5dxyi’m all for a good role playing game of:
“the robber fox and the police wolf”
“catch the wanted wolf and then search him… with my mouth
that’s all fun and games in the bedroom,
but in real life,
the police are no joke.
i was visiting one of my favorite tumblrs,
and i saw this guide on how to handle the pigs.
i know ya’ll are quick to cuss them out.
i wont lie but i’m not the biggest fan of them.
real talk: that shit can land you in handcuffs.
this is how to deal with them correctly…
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The Finer The Wolf; The More Intimidated The Fox?

To be “omg he is FINE” comes with it’s price.

I am sure to look like him above must have it’s perks.
You have the ability to make any Vixen wet and give every Wolf/Fox a boner.
You can also get discounts on free food and land great jobs,
but the problem is everyone is trying to get a piece.
You do not know who is real… or who is plotting to fuck you.
And when you aren’t attracted to the person, it can also create stalkers.
As great as all that may sound, it can be a tad annoying and downright scary.

I have an associate who finally met the Wolf of his dreams…

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