The Finer The Wolf; The More Intimidated The Fox?

To be “omg he is FINE” comes with it’s price.

I am sure to look like him above must have it’s perks.
You have the ability to make any Vixen wet and give every Wolf/Fox a boner.
You can also get discounts on free food and land great jobs,
but the problem is everyone is trying to get a piece.
You do not know who is real… or who is plotting to fuck you.
And when you aren’t attracted to the person, it can also create stalkers.
As great as all that may sound, it can be a tad annoying and downright scary.

I have an associate who finally met the Wolf of his dreams…

He has been in the dating doldrums for a number of years.
He decided to go to a friend’s party a couple of months back and saw the finest Wolf he ever laid eyes on.
He didn’t know his friend had friends who kept good-looking friends.
(note to self: always attend parties thrown by friends)
Intimidated by the Wolf and his attractiveness, he just kept it to strictly eye fucking.
Well, the feelings were mutual on Wolf’s end and they got introduced.
The Wolf is pretty much sprung over him and is pretty much well-trained and behaving himself…
…but my Fox associate’s problem is that he is intimidated by the Wolf’s looks.

“Look at me and look at him!
Why does he even want me?

He could have any Fox in the world but he wants me.
He tells me that so many people try to throw themselves at him.
I guess it is comforting to know he doesn’t want them and that he wants me.
I don’t act too insecure around him, but I always feel he will leave me for someone else.
I do not want to feel like this.” – he said to me the other night on the phone.

Now why would he go self affirm that?
He isn’t a bad-looking guy himself but right now, he is in a dating daze.
Dating a fine Wolf and can’t control his inner turmoil.

It made me think of myself and the men I am personally attracted too.
Devin Thomas, Nic Harris, Dez Bryant, Alonzo Gee… and the list goes on and on.
But as much shit a I talk, could I handle it really?

In my mind, I pretty much feel like I would have them being good Wolves at my beck and call.
I would give them the same 50/5o treatment as I would expect.
You treat me good and I treat you better.
That is where fantasy can be just that.

When you decided to date a Wolf (or even a Fox like that), it is not easy for the insecure.
You could ruin a great relationship all because you could not keep your issues in check.
It takes a certain level of confidence, charisma, and charm.
A bunch of traits a lot of people do not have that.
That is why I ask….

Can you handle the person that everyone wants?

7 thoughts on “The Finer The Wolf; The More Intimidated The Fox?

  1. I agree with Jay. I’ve always dating dudes who are on my playing field in terms of looks, physicality, mannerisms and what have you. I don’t want anyone who everyone wants OR someone who no one wants.

    This one dude I did date that was sexy as fuck and seemed to be everything I wanted didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t constantly stroking his damn ego. Other than his body, dick, and mug, he wasn’t much else. He was broke, didn’t have a car, lied about everything, and just got on my nerves.

  2. I definitely agree. I’m just not into dudes who are “too fine”, they more than likely come with egos whether you treat them the same or not. If they are gay/bi multiply that ego times 10! Give me a guy who knows his self-worth, but is modest about his looks instead and I’m good. That’s rare though.

  3. No need in me lying, it wouldn’t work. I’m too logical. Someone that fine has probably been good looking their whole life and no matter how you treat them they know it. Hell, ugly dudes can’t even be faithful, so I don’t expect someone that fine to be faithful with all these thirsty dudes who throw themselves at anything with muscles.

    That’s why I prefer to date someone on an equal playing field to me in looks and I’m the objective judge of that.

    1. It is so funny u say that Jay…
      Away from my site,
      I am really low key.
      I see these dudes on Twitter being thristy for some fine dude and I judt shake my head.

      I do a lot of “damn he is fine” entries but I’m speaking my inner thoughts.
      In real life, I’d never gas a dude’s head up.
      What’s the point?

      The key is to treat everyone the same.
      Fine or not.
      That way, u don’t come off dehydrated.

  4. Eh, fineness is still human. I’m less concerned about how ‘fine’ you are, then about how you treat me & if you’re faithful (or whatever pattern we agree upon). Not to say I don’t have my crisises of confidence about my looks, but I’m much further along now, so my focus is how you treat me & do we spend time together. Someone is always gonna look/cook/fvck/dress/etc better than me, so you goota show me you’re committed.

  5. Yes! And the sad part is to doing it requires you to, on the outside, pretend like he is not. that. fine. Don’t tell him how attractive and sexy you think he is. Treat him like a regular guy and be slightly aloof and he will stick with you. Men like that get bored quickly when they know that you’ll let them get away with stuff you wouldn’t normally put up with. I would most definitely have to deal with my insecurities if i were to be with someone of a very high level of attractiveness… but he’d never know it.

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