So yestersday…

I was having another interesting conversation with Mister J through font. He was having one of his usual bad days and needed some text therapy from me.

“Where are you?” – He asked.
“Work, why wassup?”
“I’m having a bad day and I need someone to talk too.”

Okay. I’m never one to turn down a friend in need so I started to font with him. He went on about how he is lonely, he gave some female his info and she never hit him back after a week, and how he feels like no one cares about him.

“Are you saying I don’t care? Because I can go back to doing my paperwork.” I said, wondering where this was going.
“You don’t love me nigga PAUSE.”
“Yeah I actually hate you. You cracked the code.”
“Well you can’t hate me because you never chilled with me. Back then, I thought you were stuck up, cocky, and gay.”

So I had to go in…because he probably thought I wouldn’t….

“Funny, I thought you were stuck up, gay, a man whore, ass kisser, and just straight up unfriendly.”

Which was true because I had my own opinions formed of him…

“You pre-judged me before you got to know me. That is a hate crime.”

Is he serious with that? Come on dude… He is obviously smoking crack or off his meds.

So I guess what I said affected him because a barrage of sad smiley faces came my way as the conversation went on. I obviously struck some nerve when I replied what I did.

So as the self help convo went on, I started finding myself getting bored. I was in a three way text conversation with him and this dude I met off an online site who wanted to taste the goodies. I was getting wrapped up in the better convo when I saw….

“I think Ima just end it all. Ima put this noose around my neck and jump”

…With a crying smiley next to it.

I rolled my eyes HARD. I felt it was an attention getting ploy. I was getting turned on by ol dude and my responses to Mister J were turning out very one wordish.

“Don’t do nothing stupid or I’m going to come over there and punch you in the mouth.” – I replied, tryna see where this was about to go.

I got no response. I called when I left work and still no response. I called and texted when I got in the house and still silent. I went and took a nap because I was frustrated with him at that point. Everyday he is having an emotional breakdown and as much as I give him proper Fox knowledge, he is still acting like he is a giant baby.

He texted me at 11 something with:

“I was having a bad day and needed some time. I’m just going through some issues.”
“Well I’m glad you are alive but you pissed me the fuck off. I’m going to bed.”

I got a reply:


… A few minutes later.

He needs to be put on time out. I will not be speaking to him for a while. He let me see that he needs attention at all times and is very dependent. I would not have thought that was the inner turmoil he was facing from the facade he put up back in the day.

I couldn’t date his ass, I’m sorry.

Fuck him, yeah we can get it in. But DATE?

U must be crazy.

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5 thoughts on “Suicide.

  1. Hmmm… i don’t think he is an attention whore. I think this ninja is a straight up confused nut case. Suicide??? NAH CHILL!!! But if he was ur “friend” u were suppose to listen with open ears 100%. I mean everyone has got to know what it feels like to really have a heavy load on ur chest and the fact that he chose you says a lot about ur character. Don’t cut him off… i think u need to talk to him… be a friend and let him know his tactics we unnecessary and uncalled for. If he’s not a friend like that then still tell him AND then leave him alone

  2. Yeah, too needy. That can get annoying. Acting like he was going to kill himself is a bit too much. I couldn’t handle it. Lol im mad you’d still let him hit tho =p.

  3. Well something as simple as sex to you would still affect him greatly…esp when he is very needy as you yourself have seen. So I would say just be there for him in YOUR way and he will just have to accept the companionship as he can get it. After all, his unhappiness should not hinder or interfere with the daily doings of others. We all have to take care of ourselves first before someone else. He will need to begin to care for his own mind because he depends on the minds of others obviously too much.

    Sorry….my reply was wordy.

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