Text From: My Daddy??

I got the weirdest text at 2am this morning from a supposed STRAIGHT Wolf last night.
I’m a little confused, but maybe as the days go on it will be explained.

Because this Fox needs some answers.

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So yestersday…

I was having another interesting conversation with Mister J through font. He was having one of his usual bad days and needed some text therapy from me.

“Where are you?” – He asked.
“Work, why wassup?”
“I’m having a bad day and I need someone to talk too.”

Okay. I’m never one to turn down a friend in need so I started to font with him. He went on about how he is lonely, he gave some female his info and she never hit him back after a week, and how he feels like no one cares about him.

“Are you saying I don’t care? Because I can go back to doing my paperwork.” I said, wondering where this was going.
“You don’t love me nigga PAUSE.”
“Yeah I actually hate you. You cracked the code.”
“Well you can’t hate me because you never chilled with me. Back then, I thought you were stuck up, cocky, and gay.”

So I had to go in…because he probably thought I wouldn’t….

“Funny, I thought you were stuck up, gay, a man whore, ass kisser, and just straight up unfriendly.”

Which was true because I had my own opinions formed of him…

“You pre-judged me before you got to know me. That is a hate crime.”

Is he serious with that? Come on dude… He is obviously smoking crack or off his meds.

So I guess what I said affected him because a barrage of sad smiley faces came my way as the conversation went on. I obviously struck some nerve when I replied what I did.

So as the self help convo went on, I started finding myself getting bored. I was in a three way text conversation with him and this dude I met off an online site who wanted to taste the goodies. I was getting wrapped up in the better convo when I saw….

“I think Ima just end it all. Ima put this noose around my neck and jump”

…With a crying smiley next to it.

I rolled my eyes HARD. I felt it was an attention getting ploy. I was getting turned on by ol dude and my responses to Mister J were turning out very one wordish.

“Don’t do nothing stupid or I’m going to come over there and punch you in the mouth.” – I replied, tryna see where this was about to go.

I got no response. I called when I left work and still no response. I called and texted when I got in the house and still silent. I went and took a nap because I was frustrated with him at that point. Everyday he is having an emotional breakdown and as much as I give him proper Fox knowledge, he is still acting like he is a giant baby.

He texted me at 11 something with:

“I was having a bad day and needed some time. I’m just going through some issues.”
“Well I’m glad you are alive but you pissed me the fuck off. I’m going to bed.”

I got a reply:


… A few minutes later.

He needs to be put on time out. I will not be speaking to him for a while. He let me see that he needs attention at all times and is very dependent. I would not have thought that was the inner turmoil he was facing from the facade he put up back in the day.

I couldn’t date his ass, I’m sorry.

Fuck him, yeah we can get it in. But DATE?

U must be crazy.

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