Text From: My Daddy??

I got the weirdest text at 2am this morning from a supposed STRAIGHT Wolf last night.
I’m a little confused, but maybe as the days go on it will be explained.

Because this Fox needs some answers.

“yo nigga wake up” – him
“who is this?” – me

I didn’t know who it was at first because I erased the number months ago. WHY? He pissed me off and he had to bounce.

“*shakes dick in ya face* yur daddy”

instantly opens my eyes ALL the way…

“LOL right. NITE”



That text came from Mister J, the Wolf from SUICIDE ANOTHER JOINT


Author: jamari fox

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    It seems like it was only yesterday but Christmas is long gone and Valentines Day is ONLY 10 days away !
    If you want to stay out of the proverbial doghouse then thought is required!Remember the last time you showed up empty- handed or with the rose in a bottle and reese cup from the Liqour Store? I am a chocolate nut myself but I am telling you flowers have the power. Your local FLORIST has some ideal choices for your special someone and they don’t have to be red roses.

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