Mention My Name.


Is it bad that when you say “Devin Thomas”,

Foxes and Wolves everywhere think:


*evil grin*

7 thoughts on “Mention My Name.

  1. Well I know it might seem quite silly but the general vibe I get off him is one of a person who isn’t nice! Like you know how certain people, even though they may come across reserved or even boisterous, just have an aura about them that makes u feel they’re a nice person. Eg Angelina Jolie might come off as a bitch but if u observe her carefully, u realize, she’s actually a nice girl-Tyra Banks on the other hand comes across very friendly but on close observation she really isn’t that nice!.
    Anyway, just my random thought/rant for the day:-) x x
    Ps I loved ur post on Tom Hardy, x

    1. You know what Kiki? I have noticed that too about Devin and I definitely see where you coming from. I have heard from a couple people that have worked/been around Tyra Banks says she is actually very cold and rude.

      I know that with those types, you gotta get in their circle and let them know, “um, who the fuck do u think you are talkin too!?” when they have a moment.

      Ima tame him for you KiKi. He will have his act together! Lol

      Thank you for reading and the comments! Please come back again!

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