Recycled Trash

Check this out Foxes….

I met shawty on a chat site early this week. New type of flava. Caramel complected thick Daddy with a big dick and nice pecs.

Aight cool.

We talking and things going good. I am thinking about meeting this dude. We exchange numbers and take it to text land. So I ask this nigga to send me a picture of his face because, thus far, I was starting to think I was talking to the Headless Horseman.

So he sends me a picture…

Foxes, WHY WAS IT this niggum I use to talk to last year?????? I forgot why we stopped talking but I know he was a forgettable Wolf. He took whole new pictures and a new screen name. Reinvented himself on a Fox. He is cooler this time around but the fact remains: U just my recycled trash.

Recycled Trash – someone u use to talk too back in the day. U could have smashed but the person is in ya past, point blank and simple. Usually, we like to keep them there!

So I hit that mofo went the 1, 2 like:

“Yo I think I use to talk to u.”
“Yeah we use to talk.”

I showed him my facial so that’s how he knew it was me…

“So why u didn’t say anything?” I asked, confused.
“Because I didn’t get to fuck that pretty ass and we got unfinished business.”

Well, Wolfie, you are going to dream about what it feels like to be inside me because unless you coming with the swagg to fulfill the needs I need met – you will be using a ton of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion.

I mean, he is cute but I was over it last year. When I’m done with em, I tend to be done with em.

Who knows, I may let him eat the booty.

… then, he gotta go!


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