Soulja Boy Tell’em…

Kat Snacks…

because her pussy must taste like Golden Grahams to these niggas....

went on a blast spree with the cell phone.


I had to come on here to throw this up.

Click Here To Go To —–> SOULJA BOY: COKE HEAD

I could not be this messy.
She is the epitome of a messy ass FEMALE!
She always reminds me of a queen.

…but she brought it with this video.

Why do these niggas fuck with her?
I am confused and need an explanation.
She is a bird who does alot of beak flappin’.

If that bitch is fucking these rappers…


Ain’t no reason I don’t have a few in my Foxhole.

But, did my Foxes see those three lines?
I did this:

… and that hotel is nice.
Looks like an apartment.
Buckhead was it?
I’ll keep that in my memory.

You check the towel by the front door?

Only niggas.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Tell’em…”

  1. Please identify whats so hot about her???? I’m failing to see why she would be worth putting yourself out there like that for. Her voice is annoying. Her personality is that of your garden variety groupie. Not surprising that soulja boy snorts coke. I doubt there is much else to do during the day. But wtf?? If she can do it…. I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

    1. That is the spirit Vain! I am about to be on my bullshit in a second. If she can, then my Foxes can!

      Just dont be messy. That is very un-Fox-like.

      1. I would never go on someone’s internet site to brag that i slept with a celebrity or an athlete. Why would anyone assume they were the first, second, or twentieth person to do such a thing. I’d keep it cute. That position comes with a lot of perks!

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