Naw, He Gay Tho.

Women defend men they fantasize about
to the death about whether he likes tacos or hot dogs.

Many woman want “fine ass man” sperm up in their guts.

It’s natural.
Men are here on earth to breed with women.
But, there are some men on Earth who are here to breed with… me.

Let’s take a walk.

I have been around dudes who make my spidey senses tingle off the chain.
It is not how they dress or act,
but moreso that connection we have that no one else is supposed to see.

I call it: Fox Bait
… coming to a Fox near you.

Funny story but all the dude’s that I felt were gay/bi/curious,
all ended up being something through the Gay New’s Letter.
(Gay New’s Letter: the communication of gay people about different gay things, especially whom is fuckin whom on the low or not.)
You cannot and SHOULD NOT let straight men or women in on the GNL.
If you do,
your subscription will be terminated and you will be forced into exile with the coyotes.

So there is this guy that comes into my job and he is very handsome for a white man in his late 30s.
He does something important with the big higher ups….
Anyway, he loves him some me.
Everytime he sees me, his face lights up and he is full of life.
His eyes start to beam and he gets his subtle flirting on with me.

I eat it up because I am lowkey attracted to him too.
You can tell he has a nice body (he hinted he was going to the gym today.)
All the women at my job LOVE HIM.
You would think he was Brad Pitt or George Clooney.
They ask him all the time why he is single and they are about to start a dating service in his honor.
Secretly, their panty liner’s LEAK when they speak to him.

….but this man is clearly not straight.
I think he has a daughter but I know he wants me.
I often laugh to myself the way they go crazy over this man.
And he is 110% masculine.
It is just that thing that a Fox and a Wolf have that connects us to each other.

He flirts with them as a good discreet man should, but I never see him go over the line. Not like these DL niggas who will flirt, fuck, and finish the connection with a woman completely.Women LOVE to know who is gay and I would hate to kill their fantasies  about half these rappers, singers, and even ballers who are secretly passing through the Fox hole and by passing the water garden.


Just because he is fine doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like a fat dick in his butt.
Just because he has kids or married, doesn’t mean he isn’t getting blow jobs in his car by trannies after midnight.
Just because he has a girlfriend doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be on the side playing his mister.
Just because he is a thug or likes sports doesn’t mean he doesn’t moan like a bitch when a finger runs up his butt.

Many men have studied the art of fooling society into thinking they are straight.
And, to be perfectly honest, they have to or face being ostracized from the playground.

Lesbians do it all the time.
Men been doing it since the dawn of time.
It is just life.
The problem is, what happens when the lie is exposed?
That is when the ball game really gets interesting.

Don’t you agree?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. They always get upset when they find out the finest one’s would never even look in their direction. They ran and rave in disgust as if their number’s aren’t high and they don’t have a large pool to choose from. I often think if straight women were to be a gay man for a day, especially a not so cute gay man, they’d kill themselves because they couldn’t take the lack of attention. I’m sorry, they don’t get the right to complain in my book (as harsh as it sounds).

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