ok so i want to start something new.
well, one that may start a debate in the foxhole.
i know we all like music here.
it brings us together as well as push up apart.
i am a big time music head myself.
but i often wonder when looking back,
who was i really feeling?
depending on how this go,
we will continue.

i’m excited about this….



debut performance





debut performance





debut performance



and be honest.
in picking your answer,
take into consideration

got you through?
can you play without skipping tracks?
you had sex to?
have the most memories?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD (1)

  1. Omg this is soo hard. I’m not a huge Bey stan but I’m definitely going to go with Dangerously In Love. Me, Myself and I was my theme song for a long time. I wanted to pick Ashanti because Unfoolish >>> but I’ll settle for Bey’s debut album.

  2. i’ll pick alicia.
    ashanti’s debut is a classic though.
    i had sex to that album lol
    i thought beyonce’s first album wasn’t cohesive.
    i only liked the singles.
    i can’t really listen to that album all the way through without getting bored.
    her performances for that era>>>>>>>>

  3. I own both Bey’s and A Keys debut albums, although we know Bey was not really “debuting,” so to speak. I will have to go with A. Keys, simply because her music was more genuine and heartfelt.

    1. ^i felt some kind of way her putting that ‘dangerously in love’ song on her debut.
      didn’t change the vocal arrangement.
      a song she recorded with her “sisters”,
      she put on her debut.
      i felt that was in poor taste a little.

  4. I eliminated Ashanti right off the bat. This is between Dangerously In Love and Songs In A Minor. Picking between those two was a little hard, but I had to pick Beyonce’s Dangerously In Love. I loved so many songs of that album. Beyonce just knows how to put out an album filled with hits.

  5. First let me say I used to LOVE AND STAN for Ashanti even when people say she couldn’t sing. I remember when her second album came out and knock Bey’s off the top spot everyone started putting them against each other and was anxious to see who was going to turn it at the Bet awards. Beyonce fucking slayed the performance that was the night she established herself as a solo star and the night she eithered Ashanti out the game. So hands down I give to Beyonce.

  6. I may be alone with this but I think Alicia Keys is overrated, the only album I’ve really enjoyed of her’s is Diary of Alicia Keys which was really amazing. I love that album. She always has great songs though, but her live performances are always off to me.
    I think all three had MAJOR debut singles. All of those songs made an impact and left lasting impression.
    Ashanti is only considered here because of the major impact off of Foolish alone, because the other singles weren’t that big, only on BET.
    Beyonce had the biggest crossover impact with all her(DIL) singles, and Alicia did big with a few of her singles off of “…A Minor” as well.
    I used to think DIL was a really great album but it’s only ’cause of the singles, ‘yes’, ‘speechless’ and ‘closer I get to you’, but in retrospect the album wasn’t that cohesive.
    So considering that I would like to think Alicia had the best debut album but lol I still think DIL is better.
    For sophmores though, Alicia wins hands down

      1. Samsonite Man, Dragon Days, If I Ain’t Got You (remix) with Usher. They played Karma endlessly until I started hating it.

  7. All three divas had amazing debut albums. I love each of them for different reasons!

    Well I was a HUGE DC3 fan (Michelle /Letoya were my favorite.) and I wasn’t that big on Beyonce, BUT when she came out with Crazy In Love, I KNEW she was going to take over the industry (I was right!). The video was AMAZING, the DEBUT performance on BET was AMAZING! I nearly knocked over the clerk at Target, just so I get my copy! Back then I was doing the female impersonation stint. Whenever I did Beyonce (I knew all of the routines and hair swings!), the crowd went WILD! Baby Boy is STILL one of my favorite songs from her! Her DIL performances still eats any of the other diva! The riffs and runs…Beyonce taught me to be fearless that year!

    Alicia Keys debut album was refreshing. She reminded me a lot of Lauryn Hill & Roberta Flack. I played that album every day, mostly when I was studying. Her songs reminded me of the REAL music….OLD school music. The throwback samples…the live music. I STILL play that album when I want to feel grown and sexy! I love when she performed live with her band and backup vocalists. They were just as bad as she was. That chick had swag like no other!

    Ashanti’s album was so fun and carefree. EVERYBODY had that album! You really didn’t care that she wasn’t the best singer because you can relate to the music. They played the hell out of ‘Foolish’. Who doesn’t know that song? It helped that album was heavily sampled. Foolish sampled Biggie’s ‘One More Chance’ (The Debarge ‘All This Love’). I still play that album from time to time!

    Best album of the three? Alicia Keys…

  8. KEEP THIS JAMARI, I love Bey, God knows I do, but Alicia’s debut was epic. That whole album was surreal and soulful, but Dangerously in love was amazing too don’t get me wrong

  9. I’m going with Alicia Keys on this one. This is about the time I realized I liked dudes so the whole cd would bring me through. A woman’s worth was one of my jams that I would put on loop while I slept and woke up. Damn ill never forget when I scratched my cd but I burned it and still had a copy on my computer

  10. I LOVE me some King Bey, but I have to go with A-Keys because her voice was at it’s best on her debut. Even her live shows were better back then. King Bey will always reign supreme, but this round goes to A-Keys. Ashanti can get an honorable mention for her singles, but her whole album package was lackluster

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