Ashanti “First Real Love” With Jamaican Nem

tumblr_n1b8ezKSjL1sm6cmjo1_400ashanti been trying to launch this “braveheart” album,
like dr. dre and his album,
for a while now.
i almost gave up on it until i heard this single with beenie man,
“first real love”

tumblr_mixeo0dDtd1qa45uio2_250 tumblr_mixeo0dDtd1qa45uio6_r1_250AIGHT MO FIYAH!!!!!
i fucks with that one.
nothing beats a dancehall track with a reggae artist.
just in time for spring too.
good pr release a.
she also got a new video with rick ross called “i got it”:

damn thats not bad either.
is ashanti trying to get some dollaz from me?
listen even tho she played herself out,
i’ll always have love for ashanti and that first album.
that album was pure hoodrat d-boy love drama” at it’s finest.
at the time,
i was very “hoodrat in highschool” so it fit my life perfectly.
good times.
anyway braveheart will be released…
supposedly march 4th.
we’ll see.

listen to more ashanti musik: soundcloud

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Ashanti “First Real Love” With Jamaican Nem”

  1. * wines body down * I like the beat but I don’t like how she’s singing the song. This just makes me wish Beyonce was smart enough to release Standing on the sun

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