Bobby Valentino Is Going Down Further For Sexual Assault?

it looks like i was right on my assumption the whole time…
funny how that happens.
so ^that trans she hyena,
reima houston,
who outed bobby valetino has a new angle.
she claims she was sexually assaulted by bobby.
she is even holding a press conference in new yawk via fameolous

i knew this would escalate more than it did.
i hope bobby is lawyered up because he’s gonna need it.
to think that all he wanted was a nut and now…
reima is messy tho:


i wonder if all the trans community will stand with her?
even with her questionable past?

i hope whatever evidence she has is worth all this,
because as far as i’m concerned,
her credibility is shot with all those mug shots and charges.

lowkey: press conferences must be the new sip ‘n’ see for drama.

article taken: gossiponthis

23 thoughts on “Bobby Valentino Is Going Down Further For Sexual Assault?

  1. What time is the press conference?
    I wanna hear the demon spawn lie on camera.

    Btw, one of Usher’s accusers in the Herpes scandals is also giving a press conference today with attorney Lisa Bloom.

    1. Which is so ironic, claiming someone stole from you when you’re a professional thief yourself with a long history. 😃

  2. LMAO!

    I knew he wasn’t shit when he recorded Bobby V. running out of there. A real one about their business would’ve had goons right outside to make him pay up.

    Just another stunt queen with a long rap sheet lol

  3. If he really did sexually assault her then doing all this is really ruining her case.

  4. Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), founded by The Rev. Troy Perry in Los Angeles in 1968 serving LGBTQI community.

  5. Listen we will see after she released the video evidence.If she is lying it has nothing to do with transgendered community it has do with HER.When a black woman does stupid sh## it has nothing to do with me.When a gay man does stupid sh## it has nothing to do with me.
    There are straight assholes,gay assholes,trans assholes,black assholes,white assholes.(No pun intended)

    People want to be famous or infamous.If she is lying he should sue her ass.
    BTW she seems to have a boyfriend.I see several pics of her hugged with some guy on her IG.😒

    1. You’re the reason i still read the comments, i actually search for you comment tbh.

      1. Thank you.I appreciate that.I enjoy reading your comments as well.I try to be respectful but sometimes I’ll admit I am overly sensitive especially when it comes to discrimination.

  6. I hate the fact that the poor thing is trying to sound intelligent but hasn’t a drop a sense in her head. #stayinschool #noonecares #thirsty hoesneedtositdown #dumbass

    1. I am laughing my butt off at this comment but at the same time I kinda feel kinda sad for her if this is just a Fame grab.

  7. Jamari, what is this foolishness? And when I saw that pic at the top I was like what this group of folks done did….Wait a minute… I wonder if the 15 seconds of Fame will be worth a lifetime of ridicule?

    Press conference in a church? Might as well get baptized while she there too.

  8. Sorry, but this reeks of someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame. And to have the “press conference” at a church?! Aren’t churches preaching AGAINST homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexuals.and other LGBT issues…or is that particular church accepting of it?

  9. What a vindictive and horrible person.

    No mention of the sexual assault in the initial reveal of Bobby V. No contact with the police or any type of law enforcement. Does anyone know what type of implications the accusation of sexual assult brings? Now you are messing with someone’s reputation and ability to make money. Bobby V can possibly never make money again or see his children if convicted. Its disgusting to see a beautiful transgender woman wanting to ‘live her truth’ while spreading lies and inaccuracies on someone else. I feel bad for Bobby V.

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