3 Reasons Why Trans Vixens Are Replacing Vixens

i think amiyah scott is gorgeous.
i love her facial.
so it seems vixens can’t do it all in 2017.
not even on the side apparently.
according to “rolling out magazine”,
trans vixens are about to be the new side chick.
they gave 3 reasons as to why wolves are switching teams…


1. Looks. According to porn star TS Madison during an interview with rolling out,looks do play a part. She stated, “I do not consider any heterosexual man that has an attraction to a transgender woman a homosexual. A transgender personifies a genetic woman, some say we over-exaggerate a woman because we go to the extreme of larger breasts, hips, and buttocks but at the end of the day we still look like women. We are the ones who put in the time to look like a woman. So, when a man is attracted to a transgender woman, he does not say, ‘Oh my God look at the good-looking guy.’ He’s looking and saying this is a beautiful woman. When you tell him you have male genitalia, it makes people label you gay. There are some men who will go through their relationship with transgender women and have nothing to do with the penis. But yet they want it to be there because it is taboo.”

2. Taboo sex: Some male customers enjoy the aspect of power and sexual domination that they may not receive from a female lover. In 2015, pro boxer Yusaf Mack, came out as gay and announced that he was looking forward to having a transgender relationship and exploring his sexual identity.

3. Pleasure: For some men, anal penetration is pleasurable and stimulates the prostate, known as the male G-spot. Last year, Amber Rose sent out a tweet about former lover Kanye West that read:


Even among heterosexual partners, some couples engage in what is known as “pegging“ where the man is anally penetrated by his female partner with a strap-on dildo or other sex toy. The whole purpose of this is to reach the male equivalent of the “G-spot” and has nothing to do with being homosexual. There are some men who are frustrated that they can not engage in this practice with their female partner and choose a transgender escort. Being able to engage in this behavior without emotional attachment through prostitution is an outlet for some men.

this is a little disrespectful to vixens.
it is also lowkey disrespectful to trans vixens too.
the title of the article was:

“3 Reasons Why Men Are Choosing The Transgender Side Chick”

…but it reads like escorts.
an escort and side chick are definitely not the same.
that article is making it seems trans vixens are blow up dolls.
like they assume for gay males,
we only satisfy someone sexually and that’s all we bring to the table.
we be having a whole relationship with some of these wolves.
don’t even get it twisted.
articles like this is how shit gets messy.

everyone is always trying to “replace” someone.
someone is always the new:

michael jackson
jay z
…and can never live up to those expectations.
there are some wolves who like trans vixens.
there are also some who like males on the side.
it can be a fetish or a whole attraction,
but to replace a whole sex because some wolves got caught up?
that is absolutely ridiculous.
to me anyway.

article taken: rolling out

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Trans Vixens Are Replacing Vixens”

  1. Kinda long post..but these are MY opinions.

    First, I wanna say to the straight dudes who are with women who won’t play with their ass…NO WOMAN has to peg your ass if she doesn’t want to and you really shouldn’t blame them for not wanting to either since…ya know… we’ll… they don’t have dicks…. Everyone ass isn’t clean and wiping a towel with Zest a few times between your cheeks ain’t enough these day either…🙄

    I can kinda roll with examples 2 & 3….but 1?

    The way I see it, if you’re a side piece, you’re not on the level of the “main course”…In this case a Trans will NEVER replace the true nature and desire for a real woman…because at the end of the day, Women have natural pussies and all that other stuff that a trans will natrually never have. Mainly, the ability to bare a child.

    Ummm im still trying to wrap my mind around dudes that like trans and still say they are straight? If the trans still has a peen, that “str8 dude” is bi at best. He can try to convince himself as much as he wants…but he not bein honest with himself just like he ain’t honest to the chick he cheating on. Regardless of what tha str8 fella thinks..the reality is that the trans was born a man and decided to change. Simple as that. If he engages with that trans sexually…he’s Bi @ that point.

    With that said. I won’t deny that some trans like the one posted above are very pretty and can be attractive to the eyes of a straight man or anyone that admires beauty. Now as far as my personal views…I am totally against Trans being targeted or killed. At the end of the day, they are humans and have every right to be here as much as anyone else.

    As usual, I’ll have to read up on Transgender, and everything else. Ppl these days make everything so fawking confusing when it doesn’t have to be. Like I like dudes, if I met a fine azz dude that says he is trans…legit has a chest and all that but below…has a vajay jay….It’s really a cluster fuk to me.

    I also am tired of the dudes and trans-ladies talk…let me go find out about hetero females that mess with trans-ladies on the side. As much as this is mind rattling to me, I still do find it interesting.

    1. Trans are fooling themselves if they think the men are with them bc they look like women. LOL. Homosexuality is still taboo, thus men fuck w/ transgenders so they can claim the mantle of homosexuality.

    2. Preach- I almost caught the Holy Ghost reading your post, you really know what your talking about. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate trannies, I love the the tranny amaiyah Scott up above on the show star. My point is these men kill me thinking they still have their str8 license fucking with trannies but hey if telling themselves that helps them sleep at night then by all means whatever lol but that doesn’t change their birth certificates that’s all I’m saying

  2. Let me just say this as a proud beautiful black transwomen.

    We’ve been here!!!!

    We aren’t replacing anything because we’ve been here. Mainstream trans exposure has made us more visible than any other time in history. To the ignorant do your homework, we’ve existed in various cultures around the world. We’re NOT a fad.

    Also, we’re more than side chicks, we’re wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, doctors, lawyers, beauticians, models, actresses, singers, government representatives, business owners and bosses. People often wanna box us into one space, but the reality is we exist everywhere.

    Men love beauty and they love women, So why wouldn’t they like us? The idea of what makes a man or woman is very dated and archaic. The western world places such narrow restrictions on gender, sex and sexuality. Most people are simply playing catch up. Most people don’t even know the difference between gender and sex. That alone tells you how behind we are as a society.

    Back to the men we attract; Men love us and always have and always will. Wether or not we’re forced to be a side chick or openly admired as a girlfriend men will always desire us. We have a special unique quality, an alluring mystique that men gravitate towards. This is not to say that cis women don’t, but we’re simply another option. Why should a man limit himself to just one kind of woman because society says that’s the only way??

    People need to accept that trans attracted men are straight. They would never dream of being with a man. They date us and cis women equally, But because of societies rules around gender norms they’re not given the freedom to explore and express their attraction. This is especially true with men of color, specifically black men. And for the record gay men certainly don’t want anything to do with us romantically or sexually lol.

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective.I am a cisgendered woman and am not nor have I ever been threatened by the existence of transgendered women.Just like I am a black woman and don’t feel threatened by non Black women.If a man prefers transwoman then he is not for me.If a man prefers white women than he is not for me.I don’t take it personal.

      I have had great deal of compassion and empathy for transwoman because I know many,not all, have it very difficult dealing with discrimination, harassment,etc.

      I also have compassion for the men who feel they have to date them on the DL because they are worried people will question their sexuality.Like I said a few days ago I look forward to the day when men will feel comfortable enough to publicly acknowledge their love for transwomen.Comfortable enough to say my girlfriend or wife is a transwoman.It would be great if a well known athlete or entertainer made that statement since apparently many of them date transwomen.

    2. You sound like the stereotypical self absorbed transsexual that comprises your part of the gay community. Also to say the views of what makes a man or woman at archaic as if your views are progressive. The reality is that many trans like yourself base your ideology on some of the most basic and superficial reasons. Your ideology on gender are even less evolved and contradictory than most people. You all challenge the Gender binary and yet spend your life abiding by it and attempting to fit in, its sad really.

      Trans understanding of being a woman is also very misogynistic as it is completely based on how men view you. That was the largest part of your argument as you rambled on about the men you all attract. What you are forgetting is that men fuck a lot of things and a lot of different women. Men love tits and ass but the main attraction is the pussy/vagina and you trans love to miss that.

      You say that these men would never dream of getting another man but that’s another lie. They fulfilled their dream by getting with a trans. Every time they suck dick and take it up the ass that dream comes to fruition. Straight men are not curious nor turned on by dick and tell the truth, you know most trans attracted guys go for pre op trans cuz they want the dick. When has it ever been straight for a man to suck dick.

      I have been with some of the most masculine guys out there as many other gay men have also done as well. There is no difference between the guys you can get or any other gay man. Those guys all identify as straight. Sex with a trans is physically the same as with a gay man so stop living in your fantasy because all of you are not some vision of a beautiful goddess. Many look like line backers wearing fashinova and they get the same guys as the more passable ones. Step into reality sis/bro

      1. Jay this is so refreshing to hear. I consider myself an openminded gay male. And i dont think anyone deserves to be murdered for the simple reason of the way they present themselves. But Im so confused by transgender people. Like, if the gender binary isnt real then why do trans women and men abide by it? To me a man who dresses feminine or a woman who dresses masculine is more binary breaking than a trans woman wearing dresses or a trans man wearing muscle shirts or whatever. Also, stop with this madness of “trans people are replacing cis people”… lol its simply not true. Aditionally, whether u are a “passable” male or female trans person or not, you still have to disclose that you are trans. Thats just for your safety.

    3. I will stop being compassionate and empathetic when you stop disrespecting,demeaning, denigrating ,and dehumanizing them.

      BTW you remind of those bitter women who hate gay men because her baby daddy left her for a man.Did a transwoman take your man,Boo?😂 Because there has to be a reason for this disdain for them.

      1. And with that basic comment you just left let’s me know you are probably a transsexual. Your mental midgetry doesn’t allow you to see this is so beyond a man. That is some low frequency thinking so go and read a book because you failed at reading me.

        My point is not discriminatory but stating the obvious. I have no problem with trans what I have a problem is anyone with an unsubstantiated over inflated ego and warped mentality. I also have contempt for a supposed women who enables lies and idiocy. Show compassion but don’t fuel the bs. Your over supportiveness leads me to believe you have an invested interest in these matters. If im wrong im wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if you are trans.

        I implore you to obtain a sense of truth in your quest to advocate for certain people.

      2. I apologize I misread the name my comment was for @JAY who is very disrespectful to transwomen.No I am not trans,I’m not gay but I will defend any group who I see being demeaned.I will stand up for them because I would would want someone to stand up for me.

        Again @Jay I sincerely apologize for getting you two mixed up.Have a lovely evening.

      3. I don’t think JAY is harsh against them. He just has a unfiltered opinion. If you are areal woman I urge you to see this issue more clearly. If you haven’t noticed from the trans person who was interviewed to the one in the comments they think they are better than you real women. They actually don’t like you all. If you only knew how they really feel you wouldn’t vouch for them as you do. A lot of these trans have a warped mentality. I feel for them as they are marginalized just like gay men. But they are not always the victims they claim to be, just like gay men. And just like some gays they hate women. They are human just like everyone else and are subject to imperfections and like everyone else should be called on their bullshit no sugar coating.

      4. My main issue with JAY is he deliberately misgenders them,that is disrespectful.

        Like I said on the other Bobby V thread I know there are assholes in every group.Of course they are transwomen who think their sh## don’t stink.Just like their are gay men, straight women,etc who think that same way.What I don’t do is judge an entire group by the asshole attitudes and behaviors of a segment of that group.

        I clearly said I am not threatened by transwomen or white women or any women because I don’t feel inferior to any of them.If a guy prefers them that has nothing to do with me.There is no shortage of men who want a black cisgendered woman.
        I have to go to bed but anyway I was slightly joking with that first comment meant for @JAY but I have an Android so sometimes my laughing emojis are not visible.😂😂Goodnight

    4. THANK YOU SIS!!!! You couldn’t had said it better!! We’ve been here and we’re NOT going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. 1. The idea they look like real women is debatable. If the excess makeup doesn’t give it away, the bass voice that rivals Barry White certainly will.

    2. Taboo sex is too broad. Any escort or dominatrix can provide that.

    3. Look I try to give some leeway, but if a man can’t get off without anal penetration it seems like he’s gay to me. I’ve grown to think of anal play as an side dish in sex but if its the main course every damn time, let the hood have that power bottom lol

      1. Eh….

        They’ll be wasting their time. My mind won’t change and I barely skim long, bothered replies about someone else’s opinion anymore lmao.

    1. All of THIS!! Though Amiyah is pretty. Idk how much make-up she wears. But I agree, Especially number three.

      But I’m wondering… I know pegging has been around for a lil bit but I am surprised by the fact that a hetero woman would put on a strap on and smash a man. He might as well just mess wit a trans if that’s the case since they have the best of both worlds as far as a female apperance and male genitals go. I’m talking about the Str8 men that need anal play to get off.

      I’ve been studying up on things like these gender concepts and role stuff like to find out more about humans and their sexual kinks.

      Men and women have buttholes but only men have “P-spots” 🤔 …The P-spots are for the nurturing of sperm fluids and stuff…Where do straight couples get these ideas from to peg (homosexuals)? Women don’t naturally have peens so why would they want to penetrate a man? Much so, why would a hetero man want to be penetrated by a woman pretending she has a peen? I guess maybe that gets to far into traditional gender roles and stuff maybe…idk.. I get confused so I have to research some more..

      1. ^your research is helping me understand.
        it maybe just what some are into.
        human sexuality is so interesting to me.

        i love all the debate these recent controversies are bringing.

      2. I don’t get why women do it other than to please their man. Different strokes I guess…literally lol

        I tell women all the time to ration their freak. Don’t be doing all this shit, turning dudes out to keep him, have kids and priorities change and now he’s out roaming the streets at night with a laundry list of fetishes and sexual acts he wants to fulfill.

        If you find yourself penetrating him and eating his ass more than he eats your and you’re getting no pleasure from it, send that pineapple to breeditraw so he can at least make some money.

      3. What Y. Colette said

        *This is no different than gay panic when closeted men would kill a gay guy after they had sex with him or if he made advances toward them.It used to be a criminal defense.*

        Talk about a comment that pisses me off…It is amazing something like this was a defense when heterosexual men catcall women all the time or give them unwanted attention. I feel the same way bout trans. Dudes who hit on a trans but get but hurt when they find out it’s a dude and wanna kill them. I also feel the same way about DL dudes that talk down on gays but be trying to holla at them privately….I just hate it. Happened to me in school..I kept to myself, didn’t bother anyone and these athletes would look at me and pic at me because I had a few feminine characteristics. That gay dude…they knew nothing about me. Turns out the main one tried to holla privately. I shut him down quick. I wanted to punch him in the face so bad but I knew I’d be asking for trouble from more of them.

  4. I find it funny that SOME of the same people who claim trans woman don’t look like non trans women also claim these men are being “tricked and deceived”.If trans women don’t look like cisgendered women then they are not being tricked.Most of these guys know they are trans ,they have actively sought them out.

    They panic when they fear they are about to be exposed and their sexuality will be questioned.This is no different than gay panic when closeted men would kill a gay guy after they had sex with him or if he made advances toward them.It used to be a criminal defense.

      1. Hell she’s usually one of the few people that make sense in the comments. Everyone else is (admittedly) ignorant while offering their opinions as fact or rude and resolute (to applause for their “realness”).

  5. am i wrong for asking this…

    why do i feel with SOME wolves,
    they see trans vixens as two things.

    a male they can experiment with,
    but with the aesthetic of a vixen?

    is that transphobic to ask that?

  6. Lol chill out guys.. So much tension in these comments.

    I think Laith Ashley (transman) is really cute but I wouldn’t go there in terms of sex because a penis is very very important to me LOL.. Like when I start getting intimate with a guy, one of the first things I do is look for an erection and want to feel the penis. So yeah, but generally speaking I don’t think I could ever be with a transman because of that. But in my experience most transmen tend to be attracted to women just like most transwomen tend to be attracted to men. It’s like they start off their lives as homosexuals and then transition.. I’m not saying that’s the case but that’s how it comes across. I’ve yet to see a transman who is actually into men LOL

  7. Lol jay said “send that pineapple to breeditraw so he can at least make some money.” Bruh i cant. Daaamn he really going in

  8. I agree that Gay men aren’t sexually attracted to trans women. The men who seek out transgender women are mostly heterosexual. I’m not going to touch the bisexual issue because I don’t believe in bisexuality. But sexually speaking, a straight man would get turned on by the aesthetic of a female trans body before any gay man.

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