Aaron Carter Has A Confession

aaron carter has something he wants to share.
he came out!
that’s right!
i am not joking either.
aaron decided he wanted to share his coming out story on his ig.
this is what he had to font

well good for him!
before you guys start throwing in bids,
just know aaron has been through some things

…and apparently still going through it.

his brother nick must have washed his paws of him.
he is performing over in vegas with the backstreet boys.

i’m starting to think the entertainment industry isn’t good for cubs.
95% of all stars who start out as cubs end up fucked up.
it always leads to them being taken advantage of by some pervert.
bad enough,
most of the parents see dollar signs so they turn a blind eye.
it’s a mess.
i wish aaron well in trying to find himself.

lowkey: he claims his weight loss is due to a “eating disorder”…

…is she suffering from the same thing too?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Has A Confession

  1. Well I didn’t see that one coming. Glad he had the courage to speak on that, just wish he’ll speak out and seek help regarding his drug problem. His recent EP is nice though.

  2. The male who he had the experience with and grew up with. Who could it be? They have this thing in the industry called ‘handlers’ and ‘groomers’ that condition the childThere is a lot of pedophilia going on in Hollywood As well as Washington DC. There’s a reason why half of these kids melt down when they become adults, because they’ve been handled by an adult who’s had thoer way. I feel sorry for Aaron but am proud that he came out. His songs used to be poppin on Radio Disney!

  3. It is not true that most child stars end up troubled.For every child star that got in trouble I can name 10 that didn’t.The media rarely does stories on former child stars who are adults,out of the business married and living ordinary lives.Even for the ones still in the industry most are doing fine.Look at black child stars like the kids from Cosby Show,kids from shows like Family Matters,Mowery kids,Kim Fields,Jurnee Smollette,TatyanaAli,Meagen Goode,Alfonso Riberio.White child stars like Leo Dicaprio, Ron Howard,Jodie Foster,the kids from Roseanne Show,from Wonder Years,etc…(I know I misspelled some namesπŸ˜‚)

    I could literally name hundreds of child stars who turned out great,including Disney child stars.

    As for Aaron when I read he had his first same sex experience at 17 with a guy he grew up with it.My thought was it was a peer,another teenage guy who he grew up with,a friend,a homie…

    1. I think the ones you named turned out so well because they had strong support systems. Leonardo did have a drinking problem at one point, but I read that he got it under control really quick. If there is a strong support system, the child star’s chances are so much greater.

      Sadly, many of them are surrounded by leeches, who are looking to get whatever they can out of the situation…and a lot of the times it’s their parents.

  4. I proud of him for living in his truth. This came unexpected because I did not see him coming out. Obviously, it has been a struggle for him. Nonetheless, I like him, and hope he is able to get his life together again. Despite hie body issues and his weight, he still is a handsome man.

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