On All Fours


we had some good times in here,
didn’t we guys?…

it all happened so fast.i got up to write a post and i got the surprise of my life.
i must have refreshed the page about twenty times.
each time hoping it was a mistake.
hoping i entered the wrong url.
i must have went through every emotion that day.

it was a interesting saturday evening i’ll tell ya.
i didn’t know how much i actually loved this site until i lost it.
all i could think about was you guys.
my readers.
my family.
the ones who i have shared so many moments with for four years.
the one who commented faithfully.
the ones who were lurking in the shadows.
i was so embarrassed.
even though it wasn’t my fault,
i didn’t want anyone to think i abandoned my site.
left without saying goodbye.
the emails i got.
they were so beautiful.
thank you guys.

they gave me permission to pack up my belongings.
where the future leads?
well i think i want to….
the moving trucks are parking outside.

the foxhole will take a hiatus.
just do me one favor.

don’t forget about me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “On All Fours”

    1. ^no they didn’t.
      they were nice enough to let it go back up so i’m not mad at them.

      i will say there was a hater in the foxhole.
      one who tried to bring me down by reporting the site.
      the sadness and defeat lasted one day.
      time to get on the game plan.

  1. Jamari, would could NEVER forget about you! Thank you for this website and sharing your heart, mind, and soul with us! I just recently found you about 4 or 5 months ago, but I have grown to love you and all the regs (Man, Run, Luckystarr, Devon, etc…) I know you’ll come back bigger and better! Keep hope alive and keep the foxhole wide open!!! (devilish grin)

  2. People are something aren’t they? You know I got some stuff to say, but I’ll save it for when you return. We got some stuff to talk about lol.

    LOL. I tried my hardest not to curse or say anything offensive. I do not want them to block the site again, so censored myself lol.

    1. ^lol!!
      oh you already know.

      shit im glad what was done was done.
      i learned so much these last few days.
      i wasn’t on my A game.
      ill address it when I return.

      im grateful the landlord’s at wordpress let me have a moment to write this entry.
      all I could think about was you guys.
      that’s it.

  3. Wow! I was really shocked when I saw the post about the site. I was like “NOOOOOO!” lol.
    This post was really beautiful! I have been a fan of your site for about a year or so now (since I found out about it), and your writing comes from your heart and soul. You, as well as the people who comment, give me another perspective on life. I really appreciate that. To sum it all up, I just want to say thank you! 🙂

    P.S. This is a minor setback for a major comeback! I look forward to the new site! 🙂

  4. Jamari why don’t you self host…it’s not as hard as you think and it can get you up and running. Gotta keep it moving….I said all I have to say so you know where I will be…

  5. You will be missed! Karma is such a bitch, don’t worry about the person who did this. Looking forward to your return. Big hug!

  6. WoW for maybe the second time in my life I’m speachless. Good luck, and always know you will be greatly missed!

    With a cheer!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jamari!! Oh I almost had a heart attack when they said the site was closed. I thank you for giving us a platform to discuss issues on our community and giving us a forum to express ourselves. I know that you have big things planned for the future and I cant wait!! Some doors close in order to offer new opportunities…keep your head up papi and continue to be your awesome self. I’m going to miss the regulars but we shall meet again! What is your emal address so that I can keep in touch with you?

  8. Hey jamari i was shocked when i logged on and saw that your blog had been taken down. Much love to you and looking forward tothe bigger and better return of IJF. That’ll show the haters. Peace and blessings XOXO

  9. Download the blog and move it to another platform maybe blogger .. there are many blogging platforms out there .. You can download everything you’ve ever blogged into a .zip file and upload it as XML to another site. google it, you don’t need to loose this, let the haters hate you’re not going to loose this site to them.

  10. this sucks, this blog gives me so much realness. You should just see this a beginning not an ending, much love.

  11. Man so glad that you are taking it all in stride, I was really hurt when I thought this site was gone forever, was actually having foxhole withdrawals lol. I was like how much more can this dude go through, you are ready for anything, because I know this last year, you have been through the storm, I see the haters have tried to break you, shake you, but you stood firm, I know that you will be ok and you know you have so many fans and supporters now; that we are not going to let you leave us. I will be patiently waiting whatever you decide to do and ready to support you bro. Glad I can keep up with you on twitter to see the next big move.

  12. Thank God, we Back in this bish if only for a little bit. I Love You all my foxy bros in crime. I’m already following you on Tumblr so I’m always here waiting and supporting you Mr. Fox.

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