Expect To Hear New Music from Janet Jackson

free1she took the word “discipline” by her husband seriously.
janet is allegedly quitting the music industry.
i’m kinda shocked, but not really…

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On All Fours


we had some good times in here,
didn’t we guys?…

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Move Me IN; Move Me OUT

Relocating and love go hand in hand.

First off…
Just like the area, you have to locate the Wolf you want to spend the rest of your life with.
You want to make sure they are both places you imagine yourself being for the rest of your life.
you do not want to go into something blind without proper investigation.
packing (your heart, past, and your belongings) are annoying and sometimes painful, but looking towards the future keeps you motivated and inspired.

Would you relocate with a Wolf you barely even knew?
Well a Vixen friend of mine is suffering from that fate… 

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