Expect To Hear New Music from Janet Jackson

free1she took the word “discipline” by her husband seriously.
janet is allegedly quitting the music industry.
i’m kinda shocked, but not really…

ROB Shuter tells reporters that Jackson is moving to the Middle East and is converting to Islam.

Shuter says that since she married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, she has grown  tired of the grueling entertainment industry.The pair got married last year in a very private ceremony, according to Shuter, and they want to live a private life away from the paparazzi.

Al Mana, a Qatar native, is involved in his family’s controlled Middle-East-based Al Mana Retail Group.

And since marrying Al Mana, Ms. Jackson’s net worth has certainly climbed higher as she is officially became a billionaire sometime in May, this year. However, it’s not clear if her recent billionaire status has anything to do with the fact that she recently married one.

This is Jackson’s third marriage.


so this is the last video we will ever see?

…yet old ass madonna is still going strong?

A4RE92Hjanet has been done.
there is really nothing left to do for her.
she is getting too old to dance like she use too.
i always thought she was one dimensional.
she wasn’t like her brother,
who one could argue was done also.
i love her and have all her music,
but how many times can she talk about fuckin’?
that was her “thing”.
i got to give it to mdna.
she at least evolved with her music and image.
one minute she was a witch,
a cowboy,
and then a dominatrix.

BPD+identity+i+want+to+reinvent+myself+how+toyou never know what you are getting with her.

lowkey: janet’s prime cd: “the velvet rope”.

madonna: “confessions on a dance floor”.

janet is working on new music.
there is no islamic practices in her future.
the person who interviewed was being a hater.
apologies to #teamjanet.
i still stand by what i said tho.
this album needs to go hard or go home.

x all the details on janet’s new music

10 thoughts on “Expect To Hear New Music from Janet Jackson

  1. Janet is also the ambassador and spokesperson for World Aids Day. She is touring her ass off raising money for this cause not only for the US but for the entire world. I think that speaks louder than any come back records!!! She at the point in her life that she wants to give back in a bigger way!!!!

  2. Jamari I think your FBI is wrong, Janet is working on new music in Turkey as we speak. WE need another JJ album, if Madonna can do it so can she. I don’t stand for the seemingly false “retiring article” they sent or her nay Sayers.

      1. Rob Shitter is clueless Janet was just interviewed in Billboard about her new album.Also she is not converting to Islam.Her husband is not Devout if he was she would have converted prior to marriage. BTW I purposely misspelled that gossip hack’s name.

  3. I’m a huge Janet fan, but I must agree that she should now find a new gig. I don’t think she’s too old to be dancing like she used to just yet, but she needs to do something else. Her record sales have been lacking in the more recent years. Most artists today make a whole career out of singing/rapping about fuckin’…so I dont think thats it either.
    I remember her once saying that she really wanted to become an actress, but because of her being “Jackson” a music career was kind of inevitable. She’s an icon and legend who has paid her dues. So if she retires from the music industry, much respect….

  4. How old is the article you posted? She’s recently said that she’s working on new music. I think the article above is before that announcement.

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