Come Here and Fuck My Juicy Hood Bussy Right Now

BNAw9lyCMAAo3NAthat ragga who posted that picture of the gun on his sis…
that really bothered me yesterday.
he got what we wanted tho.
j cole retweeted him plus he got a few followers in his attention whoring.
being extremely hood is “it”.
miley cyrus and these snow bunnies are takin’ twerkin to a new level.
rihanna and breezy wolf make “ratchet” look kinda cool.
they even got beyonce changing her tune.
you will be surprised how ghetto these stars are behind the scenes.
don’t let the media training fool you.
hood rats and their imposters are everywhere!
anyone with free wifi can access the internet on their computers and phones.
don’t even get me started on camera phones.
i started to wonder if being common is in?
are you taken more seriously when you are ghetto?
the white people are doing it so it’s cool now, right?
i’m sure all the ghetto females at my old job are still employed.
i had to ask…

Is life better as a hood rat?

after i wrote that entry last night,
i heard a whole bunch of commotion on my block.
it sounded like some vixen was getting her ass beat.
it was a couple of my neighborhood hood wolves,
dope boys,
and two ragga-vixens.
smoking and drinking on the stoop across the street.
ragga-vixen 1,
a smaller hood rat,
was loud and cursing them out for whatever reason.
raggamuffin 2,
the bigger hoodrat,
was egging it on as she couldn’t decide to still flirt or scream “suck my dick”.
the hood wolves were disrespecting them heavy.
they kept leaving talking about “i don’t let anyone talk to me like that”,
but still kept coming back.
free dranks and smoke?

as the night went on,
and even more ratchetness,
these two fine ass wolves came out of nowhere in a silver range rover.
sexy as shit.
both toned and lean wearing white ts.
the driver had on sweats and a fitted.
the passenger had on jeans.
they looked like wolves i would have featured on here.
wolves i definitely would have get it poppington.
maybe together?
even the two ragga-vixens were trying to get their attention.
“heyyy youuuu.”
“sexy in the hatttt…”
the fine wolves weren’t as loud as the others.
they all decided to smoke and talk,
but in a twist of fate,
they all left together.
i’m sure they all went and ran the train on those two.
in or out the whip?
i hope the video surfaces on xtube soon.
that’s how hoodrat wolves get pussy really.
invite one or two hoes over,
get em drunk/high,
and see how far they can go.


who else can hook you up with free weed and stolen cable?
growing up in the hood,
i’m pretty much over it.
been there; done that.
standing at the corner with a bunch of slackers.
letting them in my home.
smoking and talkin’ shit.
even though we were cuttin’ up and havin’ fun,
i had shit stolen from my crib and all my food eatin’ up.
at one point i was even the director of a train (although i didn’t participate).
soooooo good here.
or am i?
no doubt the experiences i had with my hoodrat friends were memorable.
they like to get it in.
i just separated myself because they are only fun for “a night or two”.
you can’t bring them everywhere even though they are everywhere.
hoodrat wolves surprisingly have good pipe too.
who else can you get a good spinal tap,
free smoke,
and get fed?


i never really did the gay hoodrat scene.
ive heard not so good things so i avoided like the plague.
i had to wonder…

Do hood rats just like to have more fun?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Come Here and Fuck My Juicy Hood Bussy Right Now”

  1. You ain’t lie with that hood rat sex be good. They spend their days perfecting their stroke. They not worth nothing but quick dick.

  2. I ain’t a hood rat, but I know how to act like one lol. There are people who are naturally ratchet, but there are people who are faking it. Miley and Beyonce do it for sure. It is starting to become a trend.

  3. I guess its always all good in the hood. Davon said it best in another post about the dumb-ing down of America, its here and its real and it will have far reaching long lasting repercussion in the future. We are gonna look back and say these were the good days. Many of my people are putting on modern day minstrel shows for their worldwide internet audience and other cultures are laughing at us, not with us, as they profit with their internet sites and TV networks, and they give us crumbs to do the most. I guess this is what happens when you are fooled that you now have equal rights and opportunities so you get lazy, stop training your children up, give them everything they want without teaching them the value of education or hard work. Just live for the day. Now when a entertainer dress conservative, and act like they have some manners and sense they are labeled boring, get no airplay, or any shine, but when you drink, smoke, curse, show your ass, you can become an international superstar. The rich are laughing and finding a way to even profit off of our misery and behavior. I always have to give the side eye to other races who come out acting black because its so cool, but when they reach a certain age, they turn their back on all of this and blend into the mainstream culture such as Vanilla Ice, Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark, and Im sure Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber will do the same when they have got a few million out of acting black never really having to feel the pain of being black in these United States. Im glad im a lover of history and can read and feel proud that we once used to strive for dignity and respect as a people.

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