Come Here and Fuck My Juicy Hood Bussy Right Now

BNAw9lyCMAAo3NAthat ragga who posted that picture of the gun on his sis…
that really bothered me yesterday.
he got what we wanted tho.
j cole retweeted him plus he got a few followers in his attention whoring.
being extremely hood is “it”.
miley cyrus and these snow bunnies are takin’ twerkin to a new level.
rihanna and breezy wolf make “ratchet” look kinda cool.
they even got beyonce changing her tune.
you will be surprised how ghetto these stars are behind the scenes.
don’t let the media training fool you.
hood rats and their imposters are everywhere!
anyone with free wifi can access the internet on their computers and phones.
don’t even get me started on camera phones.
i started to wonder if being common is in?
are you taken more seriously when you are ghetto?
the white people are doing it so it’s cool now, right?
i’m sure all the ghetto females at my old job are still employed.
i had to ask…

Is life better as a hood rat?

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