Move Me IN; Move Me OUT

Relocating and love go hand in hand.

First off…
Just like the area, you have to locate the Wolf you want to spend the rest of your life with.
You want to make sure they are both places you imagine yourself being for the rest of your life.
you do not want to go into something blind without proper investigation.
packing (your heart, past, and your belongings) are annoying and sometimes painful, but looking towards the future keeps you motivated and inspired.

Would you relocate with a Wolf you barely even knew?
Well a Vixen friend of mine is suffering from that fate… 

Sunday, I was speaking to a Vixen of mine and I was in for quite a story.
She met her Wolf a four months ago and she started to fall for him.
They spent countless hours together, finally moving in with him.
Since he is in the army, he had to relocate from her state in 3 months.
Devastated about his departure, she decided to pack up her life and move down south with him.
She never even been or visited that area, but she was determined to start a new life.

Like the new location, everything started to go south once they reached their new “life.”
He un-packed from his personality an emotionally abusive, nit picking, painfully insecure asshole who doesn’t want to be with her anymore.

Personally speaking,
I would never have done that.

Couple months = honey moon fuck fest phase.
It is a miracle when a Wolf and a Fox could even last past 2 weeks.
Things may just be different for the straight kind. 

She is planning on moving back with her tail between her legs,
but I wonder if maybe she should stay and at least TRY to make it on her own?

Going back to her hometown means equal embarrassment
, as well as having to start over from scratch.

Would you move for love?
Every story I have heard about relocating has NEVER worked out.
It is always an issue because you truly never know someone until you live with them.
It is all good when they live a few train stops away, rather than a few feet across from you.

When it comes to the love, moving in, or even relocating for love…

Do we move too fast?

6 thoughts on “Move Me IN; Move Me OUT

  1. I would only relocate for love if my financial situation allowed me to. Love don’t pay the bills honey. And love don’t always last. I’d need to be assured that if things went south, I could fend for myself, on my own. I’d hate to be stuck regretting all that I left behind. So if you can afford to, or if you have a trade or job skill that is in high demand every where you go like nursing, I say go for it-lifes too short. But if you aren’t lucky enough to have the amenities required for such a move then don’t do it. Because after all life is too short…to have to start all over from scratch that is.

  2. That was plain foolish to move with a man (in the military no less) you don’t know, in an area you are not familiar with, far from a support system without a plan.

    Not no, but HELL NO. Dick and ass is so good, but not better than having peace of mind (a healthy body and healthy credit). A year would be too fast to move with someone especially if you are under 30. I don’t plan on having a life partner, husband, long-term companion until my mid-30’s. Slow down, enjoy life, get educated, meet people, travel, investigate, explore–learn more about yourself and let go of the idea that some other person is going to complete you and make you whole. You’re already whole; partners are complements.

    I wish more men and women would slow down and stop thinking love or a relationship (or dick, coochie, and ass) has an expiration date on it. When it’s time to merge it will show up in your life-stop being fatalistic and desperate.

    In my circle, most of my straight friends can’t keep it together whereas the wolves and foxes have been going strong in their relationships for years. I have to learn new names and keep track of girlfriends and boyfriends (wives and husbands), new nieces and nephews, all the time with the heteros. Heterosexual expression is as, and can be, narrowly confined homosexual expression.

    1. ^^THIS!

      I agree with you 150%! I doubt I will pick up and move with someone just knowing them like that. It has to be some real ties that motivate me to get to packing and I am not one to depend on someone else for my well-being and if in need my mother is the only one who will know…so if I ever was to move whether it be on a short or long term relation with someone it has to be somewhere conducive to my professional and personal life…I need to know that I can be comfortable their, working and getting mines if the situation was to arise where it became only me, myself and I.

      But tell the Vixen we all make mistakes. This world is only trial and error, she should feel no embarrassment because she did what SHE wanted to do….it just so happened not to work out. Just take this as a learning experience…besides we’re just human.

  3. No no no! Maybe after 2 or 3 years but not 4 month. Besides the whole crazy thing I don’t like depending on someone other than myself. I like having my own crib,car,and coins.

  4. Hell naw. First off I could never move in with just anybody. I like having my own space. If I move in with anyone we would have to be dating for years. I don’t relocate for anyone period.

  5. If a guy asks for you to live with him after 4 months of knowing each other, that’s a red flag. The honeymoon phase (i.e. first few months) are not the relationship to me. He’s putting on a show in order to keep you around. Men will sit and listen to you talk on the phone about absolutely nothing for hours if it means they’ll get something out of it. The real relationships starts when all of that is over and he rips the mask off and turns into himself. The fysh must do whats right for her even if it means moving back. If she didn’t do any bragging about her now less-than-stellar pseudo-relationship, then she should be able to go back to where she was before him. Would I move for love? Only if there’s ring on it!

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