Ready for another week Wolves?

Let’s get it!

19 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (6)

  1. Damn. I had to come back and look at him again! The picture looks 3d like I can almost touch it. Lmao!

    Oh yea he could get the business.

  2. i love this pic..because it shows foxes that if u have the goods u can wear the simplest things and the wolf will be salivating and lickin his chops

  3. From what i see he is sexy. He almost looks familiar like ive seen a picof him before hmmmmmm? lol

    1. Yep it’s time for wolves to put up or shut up. Because we all know just cause you sexy don’t mean you working with somthin

  4. Thanks Sam and OMG! I’m glad some are in accordance with me. The Foxes “foxed up” now it’s wolves turn. LOL. Jay’s salivating on a Monday. Now can I salivate behind a wolf’s abs, chest or pipe? Please and Thank you kindly Wolves. 😉

  5. Nice booty fox!! Yay foxes for showin off their tails! I wonder if any wolves would be willing to show the foxes their pipes…hmm.

    Just thinking to myself here.

  6. ::sigh::

    I’m trying to get my upper body in that sort of shape. Sometimes i wish i was athletic in high school because it gives you somewhat of a head start. He was clearly a runner. Gorgeous body though.

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