MEAT (49)

I’m sure he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal…
But I’d stuff his meat inbetween my….well, you get the picture.

Ready for another week Foxes?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “MEAT (49)”

  1. No no…too much ink. He looks like one of those quiet types that dont like confrontation and very introverted so .he is drawn more to out dudes…bc they are .his opposite and thus he finds confidence and strength in their ability to assert and lead.

    Just my opinion…….

  2. LOL @ being a few fries short…Im on the fence with that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to men who carry themselves in a certain way, or dress a certain way. Although the notion of sagging is stupid to me, I like seeing it from time to time.ha If it’s a guy that actually has something going on back there, something to look at I’m all for it. Eventhough deep down it looks silly to me. The same goes for tats and fitted’s,,,its all alluring, but it does make me wonder what else do they have to offer. It’s like the whole getting tatted from head to toe phase. It looks good on some, but I can’t imagine you have much to offer when you have neck tats? Do you have a job? One other than aspiring rapper, ceo, producer and so on. That all sounds good, but really bruh how do you pay bills? More importantly how do you expect to be able to pay bills when you’ve allowed your body to be a canvas. It can be nice to look at, and maybe fun to play with 😉 but then what?lol

    1. i love that line “fun to play with”.
      and sometimes, that is all they want.
      everyone wants to be a model, fashion designer, actor, rapper, or producer.
      everyone wants to be “the star”…..

  3. Face and body is one thing…personality is another. He cute and all but I echo the question, what’s available on the inside? This determines the difference between a F**K or FOREVER!!!!. 🙂

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